What Makes A Good ELO Booster?

ELO boosting is when a League of Legends (or whatever game is being boosted) player plays on an account that is not their own with the intent of ranking it up. 


This is normally done by players and organizations for profit, with many people choosing to purchase the service online. 


The main reason players choose to purchase ELO boosting is to save time, however, there are a variety of benefits to the service. 


ELO booster is the name given to the people that provide this service. 


There are a lot of different characteristics that make up a good ELO booster.


Affordability, discretion, timeliness, and the ability to tailor their skill to the rank needed by the boostee all make up a part of a good ELO booster. 




A good ELO booster needs to be affordable. 


The ELO boosting market is full of players and organizations ready to offer their services. With this saturated market comes greater choice on who to go with. 


You’re almost bound to always find someone providing boosting for cheaper, so a good ELO booster does not overcharge for the service. 




ELO boosting is against Riot’s terms of service. They deal with offenders extremely severely. 


A first-time offense carries the following possible punishments:


  • A two-week account suspension


  • Your honor gets reset to zero and remains locked for a period of time


  • You do not receive the current season’s ranked rewards


Second offenses result in the account receiving a permanent ban. 


A good ELO booster, therefore, has to be discreet in their dealings. This means basic things like not telling anybody that they are boosting an account. It also helps to avoid appearing to be a smurf while boosting, as it decreases the risk of being reported. 




When you purchase a service, you like to receive it on time. This is no different for ELO boosting. 


If a player is willing to spend money to rank up their account, chances are the play the game regularly. The longer it takes for their account to be boosted, the less they get to play. 


Therefore it is vital for an ELO booster to be able to reach their goal within an acceptable timeframe, and not deliver to a client late. 


The Ability to Tailor Your Skill


The price for an ELO boosting service scales with how many ranks the account is to be increased. 


This allows clients to tailor their requirements for what they want. It also means that an ELO booster needs to be able to do the same. 


When a booster plays too well and overshoots, they run the risk of missing the desired rank. This results in the client getting more than they paid for. They are also less satisfied as they are stuck in a rank that they have deemed to be too high. 


This works in reverse. When a client purchases a high rank, the booster needs to actually be able to achieve that rank. Being unable to do so means that they cannot deliver the service that has been paid for, which needless to say is unacceptable.


There are plenty of skills that make up a good ELO booster. The ones highlighted here are a few of the key ones to keep in mind while considering becoming an ELO booster yourself.