Who Are The Best League of Legends AD-Carries

The League of Legends has a reputation of revolving around marksmen. The last few seasons have seen a bottom line that’s showcased bruisers, tanks, and mages. Nonetheless, the long-range AD Carries are present at the top of the current meta.


Who Are the Best LoL AD-Carrie Players?


Here are our picks for the best AD-Carrie players within the League of Legends:




A rule that is generally followed is that the newer releases usually have a higher win rate. This can be due to overpowered and overloaded kits. Senna is the perfect example of this rule.


Senna's strengths have seen her becoming a stronger AD-Carry, even though she was initially designed as a support champion. This is the result of her high base damage, scaling attack range, and strong AD burst from her Q – Piercing Darkness.


Combining these features with the safety provided by Curse of the Black Mist present during team fights and in lane, it's no surprise that she is seen as a tricky champion present in the current meta.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune is known for being a strong-scaling AD-Carry. However, she is also designed with a few features that are unorthodox for her role as a marksman. One of the best aspects of Miss Fortune is her lane control. 


Opponents don't know how to approach Miss Fortune's Double-Ups and E slow throughout the duration of the landing phase. This allows her to build up a gold and kill lead within the early stages. Although this is a powerful feature, you wouldn’t usually find that an MF can take control of the game with just this ability.


However, it’s common to find Miss Fortune paired with a Support that’s equally aggressive. Having this Support allows for a bot lane advantage to occur. A Support that fits into this category includes Zyra or Brand.


One characteristic that tops everything off is that Miss Fortune has the ability to single-handedly win a team fight. This can occur from a well-placed Bullet Time.




Vayne is designed with incredible capabilities. These include relative safety in lane, late-game DPS, and dual potential. All of these aspects to Vayne’s design allow the AD-Carry to be an astounding all-rounder. This is seen to be her reason for shining in a bunch of different conditions.


The ultimate secret to gaining all of the benefits that Vayne offers is to relax while in the early stages of the game. It's essential to look to scale. Make use of a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and a Blade of the Ruined King. After grabbing these, it’s time to turn on the style.


While playing with Vayne, it's also vital to remember to support your team around key objectives, as you usually would. However, you should also look to partake in duels with any and every champion that you come into contact with in a 1v1.


Keeping to this basic framework is likely to result in you gaining the best results from playing with Vayne. You can have the entire game in your hands once you reach the late game. This is due to the massive DPS that’s provided by Silver Bolts.