Unveiling the Stunning New Skin Lines of LoL in 2023

Who doesn’t love game skins? They keep every game fresh and show how committed people are to their experience. League of Legends is known for releasing some of the most beautiful skin lines among other popular games.

Not only do League of Legends skins give the user a new visual look to a champion, but they also give some champions extra effects!

Every year is filled with amazing skin lines from the hands of the Riot Games team, and 2023 isn’t an exception. Today, we’ll look at the new skin lines of LoL in 2023!

The Popularity Behind League of Legends Skins

The Riot Games team is known for going over the top with their skin releases, so it’s no surprise that a lot of players get very excited for them. What makes them so popular, though?

Riot doesn’t release skins for the sake of doing it. The team also uses new skin lines to promote events. Teams who win the Worlds Championship, for example, get their own skin line a few months after, but the best news is that these skins are also available to all players!

This has given us a lot of beautiful skin lines, such as the ones we got when EDG won the Worlds 2021 championship.

Riot has also created a skin line for K/DA, its virtual K-pop girl group themed around Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa.

The fact that Riot puts so much care in its skin lines is what makes them so popular and why people keep buying them. Even if you don’t want to buy skins, you can earn most of them through special items like skin shards!

What Skin Lines Can We Expect in 2023?

We have been getting a lot of skins this year. In some cases, we’ve gotten new skins for existing lines, but there are also new ones that will be a great addition to any person’s account!

Here’s an overview of skins that have already been released this year:

  • Mythmaker Skin Line – Irelia, Zyra, Garen, Galio, and Sivir
  • Lunar Gods Skin Line – Ashe, Thresh, Qiyana, Kha’Zix, and Malphite
  • Heartache and Heartthrob Skin Line – Caitlyn, Amumu, and Vi
  • Astronaut Skin Line – Singed, Xerath, Ivern, Singed, and Kennen
  • Broken Covenant Skin Line – Cho’Gath, Vladimir, Xayah, Rakan, Miss Fortune, Riven, and Nocturne
  • Faerie Court Skin Line – Karma, Kalista, Katarina, Ezreal, Seraphine, Milio, and Fiora
  • Cats vs. Dogs Skin Line – Yuumi, Kindred, Nidalee, and Kled
  • Dawnbringer/Nightbringer Skin Line – Nasus, Jarvan IV, Vayne, and Renekton
  • Inkshadow Skin Line – Yasuo, Aurelion Sol, Yone, Kai’Sa, Udyr, Master Yi, and Volibear
  • Snow Moon Skin Line – Varus, Morgana, and Ahri
  • DRX World Championship Skin Line – Ashe, Maokai, Kindred, Aatrox, Akali, and Caitlyn
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Skin Line – Lillia, Tahm Kench, Kog’Maw, and Bard
  • Elderwood Skin Line – Karthus and Wukong

New Prestige Skins in 2023

Some lucky champions have gotten new prestige skins in 2023, which are a slight upgrade from their regular counterparts. Here’s an overview of all of them:

  • Mythmaker Sivir – Prestige Edition
  • Porcelain Lissandra – Prestige Edition
  • Broken Covenant Miss Fortune – Prestige Edition
  • Faerie Court Katarina – Prestige Edition
  • Inkshadow Yasuo – Prestige Edition
  • DRX Aatrox – Prestige Edition

Upcoming Skins in 2023

  • Star Guardian Skin Line – Orianna, Seraphine, and Senna

Patch 13.13 already gave us Star Guardian Orianna and Seraphine, so we just have to wait until the next one to get Senna’s skin.

  • Soul Fighter Skin Line – Samira, Naafiri, Jhin, Evelynn, Viego, Pyke, Shaco, Lux, Sett, and Gwen

This skin line is a huge one, as it’s giving new skins to 10 different champions. You can expect it to get released between Patch 13.14 and 13.15.

You can also expect a new ultimate skin this year. Ultimate skins are very rare, and they’re amazing because of their added effects and animations. Currently, we have only six ultimate skins among the 1,481 regular ones.

Samira is the champion chosen to get a new ultimate skin, so keep an eye out for more information about her!

Finally, Riot has confirmed a big summer event happening soon, so we may possibly get summer-themed skins.

Bottom Line – Get Started in League of Legends Today​​​​​​​

Skins are among the most exciting elements of League of Legends and for good reason.

Riot has been surprising us with huge visual upgrades to the game over the past few years, and skins aren’t an exception. With so many skins out there, it’s easy to miss out on important releases, so if you want to discover everything this amazing game has to offer, make sure to keep an eye out for the Boost Royal website!