How to Earn Skin Shards in League of Legends

Skin shards are a sort of cosmetic item in League of Legends. They have many functions, including unlocking champion skins, upgrading your old skins, and rerolling skins into permanent ones.

Another option is to store them in your inventory as collectibles. Most players, however, choose to utilize skin shards to acquire skins for the champions they play.

In this article, you'll discover how to get skin shards, which can be used to get free skins. Players can collect skin shards and improve their champions' appearance for free with a bit of work and luck.

How to Obtain Them

There are many ways to gather them, but players mainly obtain them from Hextech Crafting, events, and quests.

1. Hextech Chests

This system allows players to obtain various forms of loot, such as skin shards. You can gain loot by opening Hextech Chests. These chests can be earned by getting S- or better grades in games, purchasing them with Riot Points (RP) or gems, or receiving them as prizes from events or missions.

2. Events and Missions

The game frequently hosts events and quests that provide skin shards to players. Keep a look out for these events and take part in receiving skin shards as a prize.

Some in-game events award players with skin shards for completing tasks or playing certain game modes. During the Lunar Revel event, for example, unique Lunar Revel orbs containing skin shards and other gifts are frequently available.

3. Purchase Them with Orange Essence

Skin shards can be purchased directly from the shop with Orange Essence. You can get Orange Essence by disenchanting champion shards and skin shards.

Orange Essence itself is available in the shop as part of the '5 chests and keys + Bonus Essence' package, which costs 975 RP and gives 50 Orange Essence. You can also obtain Orange Essence through Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests, in-game events that provide it as a prize, disenchanting skin shards, and Prime Gaming Capsules.

4. Loot Them from Defeated Enemies

Sometimes, after you defeat enemies, you can loot these skin shards from their bodies. This happens quite rarely, though, but if you're lucky, it's not impossible to happen.

5. Purchase Them with RP

You can purchase skin shards directly from the store with RP. Optionally, you can also buy certain chests and keys that have the possibility to contain skin shards. There are also packages that include certain skin shards or jewels.

6. Honor Capsules

Honor Capsules can be acquired through playing games and rising through the Honor ranks. These capsules may include skin shards as well as additional items such as ward skins, icons, and key fragments. Depending on your Honor level, you can win up to three Honor Capsules every season.

How to Use Skin Shards in League of Legends

To use skin shards, there are several steps you can follow. First, navigate to the Collection tab on the game's main menu. On the left-hand side of the screen, pick "Skins" from the list of possibilities.

Next, find the champion whose skin you want to unlock and click on their name. If you have a skin shard for that champion, it will be displayed on the screen.

To examine the skin shard's details, click on it. Lastly, based on your preferences, select whether you wish to reforge the skin shard into permanent skin or sell it for Orange Essence.

If you reforged the skin shard, the new skin would be added to your collection and available for use when playing as that champion. The Orange Essence will be credited to your account if you sell the skin shard and can be used to unlock additional skins or champions.

The Bottom Line

Obtaining skin shards in League of Legends can both be easy and difficult. It needs a combination of patience, talent, and a little luck. You can win chests containing skin shards by participating in events, performing tasks, and playing games.

Furthermore, you can also use Riot Point or Orange Essence to buy chests and keys to boost your chances of collecting skin shards. Lastly, taking part in events and promotions can give you the opportunity to collect skin shards and other items.

Overall, earning skin shards in League of Legends is an excellent method to enhance the appearance of your champions without having to spend real money.