Team Liquid Wins the LCS Lock-In Tournament

All teams worldwide took advantage of the off-season to get better players for their roster. League fans and players often compare NA’s LCS to EUW’s LEC due to all the European players playing on American teams. However, the European league was always a step forward than the American one. 


Things changed this year when we got to see a more powerful roster on almost all teams of the LCS since they were made of promising rookies, Korean players, and experienced American and European players. One of the teams that took the most advantage it could from the off-season was Team Liquid. 


Although TL lost one of its most important players when it let go of Jensen, it replaced him with the legendary TSM player Bjergsen and former FNATIC’s jungler Bwipo. Team Liquid showed to have a strong team since the beginning of the season, and it didn’t disappoint when contesting the LCS lock-in championship. 


Team Liquid didn’t only win the trophy but also did it with a 3-0 win against Evil Geniuses, which got to finals undefeated. Read this page to know how Team Liquid achieved this and what to expect from them in the future! 


Win Against Evil Geniuses 


Game One


As we mentioned before, EG got to the finals undefeated, so how did Team Liquid 3-0 win against it? No one expected that to happen even during game one’s early game. Team Liquid was down in gold because of how strong EG Impact’s Gwen was and the roaming speed of EG Jojopyun’s Twisted Fate.


However, Team Liquid managed to come back from a disastrous early game thanks to Bwipo and the 8/0 Sylas on Bjergsen’s hands. TL’s Hans Sama could get more gold after winning a couple of team fights, and that’s when the game ended in an 11-20 on Team Liquid’s favor. 


Game Two


Even casters were surprised when they saw game two’s draft since it was almost the same as game one’s. The only thing that changed is that EG’s jungler went for Poppy instead of Viego, and its support for Tahm Kench instead of Braum. Bwipo picked Gangplank this game, but the rest of TL’s draft stayed the same. 


However, even if both teams didn’t change a lot of their team composition, you could see Team Liquid got used to Evil Geniuses’ early game and took control of it. 


Things were easier now, and Hans Sama was the one who took care of winning all team fights with his god-tier Aphelios. TL fans got scared when EG’s mid lanner got to steal the Baron Nashor from TL, but it wasn’t enough to win against them.


Game Three


Everything ended for Evil Geniuses in game three. However, things didn’t seem to be that way in the early game. EG noticed how strong Team Liquid’s Jarvan IV, Sylas, and Aphelios combo was, so it took it for itself, and it paid off in the early game. 


Evil Geniuses had a strong lead against TL, but its worst mistake was to give some kills to Hans Sama’s Jinx, who carried the game along with Eyla’s Lulu. 


Wrapping Up


Now that Team Liquid is the back-to-back champion of LCS’s lock-in championship, everyone has their eyes on them for this new split and future MSI.  


Bwipo, Bjergsen, and Hans Sama are the new stars of this team, and they are making TL look stronger than ever. 


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