Rookie Once Again is Looking Strong in the LPL

The 24-year-old League of Legends player, Rookie, hails from South Korea. In his history, Rookie gained prominence for his mid-lane skills on the once notable team known as Invictus Gaming. Over the years with Invictus Gaming, Rookie showed off how valuable he can be to any team lucky enough to snag him up.

This past December, the team of Victory Five was that lucky. Rookie was picked up by Victory Five, landing Rookie residency in the LPL. While not his first time in the LPL, this will be Rookie's first one since 2014, not a part of Invictus Gaming. Are you looking for the legendary Ig skins, but can’t allow yourself to buy enough RP? With a gifting service you can now get the skins of your dreams!

Now living in China with his teammates, Rookie and Victory Five entered the LPL 2022 Spring Season.

Once a joke to the rest of the LOL community, Victory Five has never been able to break through the rankings of the LPL. After a record-breaking loss rate in 2020, leaving Victory Five with only one game win the entire LPL 2020 Sprint Split, the team is determined to make the change.

Last year has been dominated by EDG, but this year, thanks to the strong team they've built, including Rookie, Victory Five currently stands at number five in the rankings. The team is right behind Weibo Gaming only behind because Weibo Gaming has played one more game. Victory Five is four places behind this season's leader of LNG Esports. They currently qualify for the playoff happening after Week 9 in March. The team will need to keep that momentum up for the next five weeks.

Right now, Victory Five is on the road to the playoffs for the first time, as only the top ten teams will qualify. The team's choice of signing on Rookie to the team plays a vital part in their success. Unfortunately, Rookie's former team of Invictus Gaming is not in the ranking to go to the playoffs this year. Possibly due to the loss of a strong player. Winning your games is always important, though Rookie outperformed everyone during the regular split, he couldn’t ensure that they shine in playoffs however, you can indeed make sure that you win all of your games with the ranked win boosting services.

Rookie himself has become the standout of Victory Five's new line-up, bringing them to win 11 out of 18 games and has helped the team win five out of the six series.

As the only mid-lane player on the team, Rookie has proven extremely valuable. He has played in every game that Victory Five has entered this season. His overall win rate is 61.1%, and he has played the champion Victor the most during this LPL tournament. Rookie’s win rate with Victor is at 83.3% percent.

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The strong mid-lane gameplay of Rookie has not gone unnoticed. He has earned himself the title of Man of the Game for five games out of the six that Victory Five has played. Currently, he stands at number two with four other players for the LPL Spring 2022 season's MVP award.

Going into Week Five of the LPL 2022 Spring Season, Rookie is looking stronger than ever, and likely, he can carry the whole team to might triumph after devasting losses in the team's tragic past. The question is, can he keep up his win rate and help pull Victory Five to the top of the championship in the face of other great teams like Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming?