Right time to ELO boost

So when is the best time to buy a boost? In an older blog post I wrote some basic information about boost starting. The right time was around 50 played ranked games, but the best choice is to purchase a boost while you are still unranked. By buying placement games, you provide yourself the best possible ranked season start. Depending on your last season’s ranking you can go up until platinum divisions as a start. There are many cases when we prefer choosing a boost so it is hard to tell when the right time to buy one is. Depending on your current division there can be many conditions that indicate, it is the right time. When you get stuck on a specific division that can be the best indicator to get a boost. For example, if you fail to get through gold 3 for the fifth time that can be the perfect indicator that you might need an ELO boost. An important thing that I must highlight here is, that do not buy ELO boost because of frustration. You must focus on your game all the time if you play ranked. The same goes for ELO boost. You must know what are you buying and how will that help your progress on the way out from ELO hell. The most important thing is to stay focused after your boost is finished. You will be playing with professional players from that point. It will need extra focus to play and perform well in those games since you will be in a higher division. The second best time to buy a boost is when you start to lose some ranked games. Frustration can make you lose some even more. By purchasing at this point, you can get back to your original tier and division and you can star fresh again. By staying focused you will be able to keep on climbing to diamond or even higher. In conclusion, you should think about ELO boost as a tool to reach your dream divisions, and you have to use this tool right. You can’t just lay back and see the results coming. You must stay focused before and after the boost in order to stay even or to improve.