Perkz is Moving to North America

League of Legends fans are bidding farewell to Luka "Perkz" Perkovic, a professional League of Legends player from Croatia. He played for Cloud9 right up to his departure from his homeland, Croatia.


Perkz is regarded as one of the most outstanding League of Legends players. He is the only one who holds eight European League Champions. 


Starting his gaming career in 2014 – Perkz joined players P1noy and Hiiva, where he competed at the DreamHack tournament. Though it was his introduction to competitive gaming, and he joined mid-season, he placed second. 


His talent would not go unnoticed, as he would officially join Gamers2 as an official member of their squad. Though he played the 2015 season with Gamers2, he would part ways with the team due to exams. Not only after his departure with Gamers2, but the team would also be rebranded as G2 Esports. 


With their new name, Perkz is departure would be short-lived as he would come back officially, and he would become a vital member of the squad. 


He would collaborate and lead the team to multiple victories at various tournaments throughout the world. Perkz would play the mid lane and the bot lane.


Though Perkz would win eight titles, at the latest League of Legends World Championship, G2 Esports would be eliminated. November of 2020, Perkz and G2 parted ways. 


The news of Perkz saddened many fans of G2 Esports is departure; however, not long after he left the team, Perkz would share some exciting news. 


Farewell Europe, Hello LA


Perkz shared on his Instagram feed that he was moving to Los Angeles after he received his passport. Sharing with his fans and supporters that he has been feeling depressed given the global pandemic and restrictions, he was needed a new change. 


With Perkz is move to LA in motion, it would also allow him to be closer to team members Ibrahim Allami, Rober Huang, Jesper Svenningsen, and Philippe Laflamme. 


A Key Player in League of Legends European Championship


He is regarded as one of the top players in the League of legends European Championships. Though there has been little confirmation, it is rumored that Perkz is going to be paid $2.7 million for the next three years.


Perkz Player Profile – A League of His Own


There are very few players who can claim the same amount of skills and fame that Perkz has achieved in his gaming career. He dedicated five years to the G2 Esports team. His League of Legends skills dominated in Europe, especially when he played as a bot lane. 


Two years in a row, Perkz was awarded 1st All-Pro Team during the League of Legends European Championship; however, he holds four of them. 


Fresh Starts


With the jump from Europe to North America, Perkz is ready to start 2021 fresh with his support of Cloud9 teams. 


Only time can tell if Perkz is records of eight titles in the League of Legends European Championship is going to be beaten by a fellow competitor.