Nicole LaPointe Jameson Reseigns as CEO of Evil Geniuses

In a significant development for the esports industry, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, the CEO of Evil Geniuses, has officially announced her departure from the organization. This comes after a tenure marked by both growth and controversy. This article will explore the implications of her departure, her achievements, and the past dramas that have surrounded Evil Geniuses.

A Trailblazing Tenure

Nicole LaPointe Jameson took the helm of Evil Geniuses with a vision to elevate the organization to new heights. Under her leadership, the team saw considerable success across multiple esports titles, including Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Her business acumen and strategic initiatives have been credited with revitalizing the brand and expanding its global footprint.

The Controversies: A Closer Look

One of the most significant controversies during Nicole LaPointe Jameson's tenure was the investigation launched by Riot Games into Evil Geniuses' treatment of their League of Legends player, Danny. The issue came to light when allegations surfaced about the organization's mishandling of Danny's health and well-being. This raised serious concerns about player welfare within the team and led to a formal investigation by Riot Games, the governing body for League of Legends esports.

The controversy not only put the organization under scrutiny but also cast a shadow over Nicole's leadership. Questions arose about whether the organization's internal culture was conducive to player welfare, and whether adequate measures were in place to ensure the well-being of its athletes. The incident became a focal point for discussions about player treatment in esports, a sector already under scrutiny for issues related to player health and labor rights.

The drama surrounding Danny was not an isolated incident. Earlier in the year, Evil Geniuses had also faced criticism for its handling of other internal matters, adding fuel to the fire. These controversies collectively put the spotlight on the organization's governance and raised questions about the effectiveness of its leadership. For Nicole LaPointe Jameson, these issues became a part of her legacy as CEO, complicating an otherwise successful tenure marked by growth and competitive success.

The Departure

The announcement of her stepping down has sent ripples through the esports community. While the reasons for her departure have not been explicitly stated, it marks the end of an era for Evil Geniuses. The organization will now be on the lookout for a new leader who can continue to build on the foundation laid by Nicole.

Community and Industry Reaction

The esports community has had mixed reactions to the news. While many commend Nicole for her contributions to Evil Geniuses and the broader esports landscape, others are keen to see how the organization will navigate the challenges that lie ahead, especially in light of past controversies.

What's Next for Evil Geniuses?

The departure of Nicole LaPointe Jameson leaves a leadership vacuum at Evil Geniuses. The organization will need to find a successor who can not only steer the ship effectively but also address the lingering issues that have plagued the team. It's a tall order, and the esports world will be watching closely.


Nicole LaPointe Jameson's departure from Evil Geniuses marks the end of a significant chapter for the organization. Her leadership brought both successes and challenges, and her successor will have big shoes to fill. As Evil Geniuses turns the page, the esports community will be keenly observing what the next chapter holds for this storied organization.