TSM Reginald Investigated by LCS

Riot Games has started an investigation into allegations against Team SoloMid CEO and founder Andy “Reginald” Dinh. People claim that he has been using bullying and verbal abuse in his dealings with others. WIRED was the first to hear about it and report it, contacting Riot Games specifically.


As part of the response to WIRED, Riot Games claimed that it must conduct an independent investigation into the claims of misconduct made against the team leader. To do that, it engaged the O’Melveny & Myers LLP Law Firm.


Reginald, AKA “Regi,” now faces the investigation into his bullying allegations.


The Complicated Legacy for Reginald


Regi is a former player, CEO, and founder for Team SoloMid, which is now being called TSM FTX. Though TSM operates in many games, such as Apex and Valorant, its most significant one is the League of Legends team. It’s been part of LoL and LCS since its inception and was a staple on the scene before that.


The abuse and bullying allegations against Regi are many and have common threads. For instance, employees spoke with WIRED and claimed that Dinh didn’t use normal criticism. Instead, he resorted to insults like saying, “You’re trash.” Employees claimed that behavior created a fear culture in the organization.


Regi downplayed the allegations, saying they’re symptoms of his direct attitude and bluntness. He said that his vocabulary was too harsh or ineffective at times. Overall, he knew he had to work on delivery and communicating more effectively with his team and others.


Bullying Under Our Noses


However, such allegations are no surprise to people familiar with the documented history for TSM. Anyone can search on YouTube to find videos of Regi shouting with players, using boxing matches to resolve team disputes, and publicly berating the teammates.


While they might be used for laughs or have a light-hearted undertone, it’s hard to imagine that his persona onscreen doesn’t match or transfer to what happens in real life.


Most teams streamed a lot in the early days when LCS was beginning. It was common to find post-scrim arguments, team confrontations, and conflicts.


While the past videos were likely entertaining, they might now be documenting the malicious side of TSM. Riot Games could pursue legal action against Andy Dinh if he’s found guilty of the allegations. If so, it should have tons of evidence to help the case.


Plus, this isn’t the first time that Riot Games had to put sanctions on Dinh. He had “conduct unbecoming” back in March of 2021, which got him a $5,000 fine. This was in response to a Tweet he made against Philippe Vulcan Laflamme, a Cloud9 player at the time. Dinh claimed that Laflamme would have been out of a job if LCS hadn’t come along.




The investigation into Dinh’s behavior is still ongoing. There’s no news about it so far, so we can only hope that they are still looking into it. With TSM Reginald investigated by LCS, it looks to be that people are standing up for their rights to work in a safe and comfortable setting. Yelling, screaming, and boxing matches aren’t the way to handle disputes anymore (though they shouldn’t have been used in the first place).


Meta Description: There’s been a buzz going around about Andy “Reginald” Dinh. Are the rumors true? Was TSM Reginald investigated by LCS, and what’s known of the findings?

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