LS' Korean Accounts banned: A Deep Dive

Nick "LS" De Cesare, a popular figure in the League of Legends community, has recently faced a series of bans that have left fans and critics alike puzzled. Not only has he been banned twice on Twitch, but he has also had five of his accounts suspended in Korea. This article aims to shed light on these incidents and the implications they have for LS and the broader gaming community.

The Korean Account Bans

LS recently revealed that three of his accounts were banned in Korea. The ban was initially confusing for him, as the first account to be banned was xyzls4, which had not used any map-skin changes. However, Riot Korea later clarified that the bans were due to the use of custom map skins, which are against their rules.

LS's Response

In a statement, LS acknowledged his mistake, stating that he had assumed the rules for custom skins were the same across different regions. He expressed hope that his accounts xyzls3 and xyzls4 would be unbanned, as they had not used any custom skins.

Riot Korea's Strict Rules

LS pointed out that Riot Korea has stricter rules compared to Riot EU/NA when it comes to custom skins. This highlights the importance of understanding regional differences in gaming rules and regulations.

The Twitch Bans

LS has also faced suspensions on Twitch, the most recent being for live viewing an LEC broadcast, which led to a DMCA strike. In 2018, he was banned due to racist spam in his Twitch chat during live rundowns. Both incidents sparked debates about platform responsibility and content rights.

LS's Take on Twitch Bans

After each Twitch ban, LS took to social media to clarify the situation. In 2018, he expressed confusion and disappointment, stating he was not sure how to feel about the ban. In contrast, the recent Twitch ban was lifted within an hour, allowing him to resume his live viewing of the LEC playoffs.

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LS's multiple bans serve as a cautionary tale for gamers and streamers alike. They underscore the need for a thorough understanding of platform and regional rules to avoid unintended violations. As LS navigates these challenges, his experiences offer valuable lessons on the complexities of online gaming and content creation.