Is Caps the Best Western LOL Player of All Time?

Fans of Rasmus “Caps” Winter would argue that compared to Luka “Perkz” Perkovic, Caps is the better of the two.


What Makes Caps the Best?


Born Rasmus Borregaard Winther, this 21-year-old from Denmark has been playing League of Legends since 2015. He is currently a member of G2 Esports and plays as a mid laner.


Not many League of Legends fans knows that Capz is the younger brother of fellow competitive gamer Ryze, who plays DOTA2.


MVP and All-Pro Team


Being only 21, Caps is a pro-gamer who has managed to win the MVP award four times from the League of Legends European Championship. He has also claimed the 1st All-Pro Team award five times.


As a member of G2 Esports, he was part of the only non-Asian team to win the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which has previously been dominated by Asian teams.


Who’s Better? Caps or Perkz?


This is the million-dollar question that really depends on who you ask. Some would argue that Caps playing style makes him the best of the best, while Perkz is style is slightly more aggressive.




Caps is one of the only players to play back-to-back in the World Finals. While he may have lost, this European player did what very few have been able to do. At the same time, he is also the only player to win the MVP title two years in a row but representing two different teams.


As a League of Legend player, Caps has been known to go from the mid lane to the bot lane.


He initially played for Fnatic but left to join G2 Esports, which is the team that Perkz played with for five years.


Perkz, though a year older than Caps, has been regarded as a cut-throat player, sometimes being compared to Asian player GodV who is viewed as an arrogant mid laner.


While Perkz and Caps play different positions, Western League of Legends fans who enjoy strategy play are going to prefer Perkz over Caps.

Perkz is Winning Profile


As of the fall of 2019, Perkz joined only two other players to have 1000 kills on League of Legends. He joins the elite group of Rekkles and Jankos. As well as having the most kills on League of Legends, Perkz is also the only individual to hold eight League of Legends Europe Championships.


Who Takes First Place?


At the start of 2021, Perkz decided to leave G2 Esports, which is the same team that Caps currently plays for. Perkz now plays for Cloud9 and has relocated to the US. Caps still represent G2 Esports.


While Caps has the most 1st All-Pro Team awards, some would argue that success does not come close to Perkz is eight League of Legends Europe Championship titles.


Caps is still very active in League of Legends, and as the younger brother of Ryze, some say that it is only a matter of time before Caps can rival the success of Ryze.