How Much Time Do I Spend on League of Legends

The average matchup in League of Legends is between 15 and 40 minutes. However, you can extend your time on the game as you work to hone your skills or play for fun.

Do you want to know how much time you spend in total on League of Legends? Continue reading for your step-by-step guide to finding this intriguing personal statistic.

How to Find Total Time this Season

Riot Games, the creators and distributors of League of Legends, allows players to find their total time spent on the game for the current season. It does not display the overall time spent since you downloaded it. Here are the steps to finding the current season’s statistics:

  • Open League of Legends
  • Click Profile tab
  • Go into the Stats tab
  • The data for total hours for the current season is on the bottom left, under the display for the number of games played

To find the total time spent ever since you first played LoL, you must download third-party software.

Using Wasted on LoL

The most recommended software to use for finding your total time is Wasted on LoL. It is very straightforward to use. Plus, the site makes it simple to send your results to share on social media. All you need to do is enter your summoner name and select the region in which you are based. Then, the software generates the data and displays your total time.

The only downside is that the statistics are not always reliable because it is a third party. Players often feel the system overcompensates their hours, making it appear like they have been on LoL longer than in reality.

However, Wasted on LoL offers fun and insightful statistics that you would not be able to find anywhere else. The most trustworthy source would be Riot Games, but unfortunately, this is not a feature the game offers.

Wasted on LoL allows you to view data including your total time converted into minutes, hours, and days. It also compares your time spent with other players in the region.

To get started, head to the Wasted on LoL website.

The program works with servers hosted by Riot Games. This does not account for players in regions such as China and Southeast Asia. Players in these regions must apply other programs to find their total time.

Employing OP.GG

OP.GG is an alternative to finding your total time spent on League of Legends. Similar to Wasted on LoL, the program has you enter your summoner name and your region. Then, the system provides you with many interesting statistics, including the total number of games played.

You can multiply your games by 30—which is the average number of minutes it takes to complete a match. Though this is not precise, it can give you a general idea of your total time.

Unlike Wasted on LoL, this program goes further beyond with the information it provides. The program offers data, such as your win rate and the champions you have utilized the most. These can be fun to learn about and may even help you become more successful in gameplay.

Apply is another method of finding your total time data. It is a Chinese-based software, so it coincides with regions where Wasted on LoL does not reach. Though it does not provide your total time directly, it gives you your total games and average time per match. To find your total time, just multiply the two numbers together.

Calculate the Stat Manually

If you want to avoid entering your personal gaming information into a third-party system, there are ways to work around that. If you take your mastery points, you can estimate your time by dividing them by 650.

While this may not give you an exact number, this could be a safer option. Additionally, there is no perfect system for finding this exact information. It is still fun to get an estimate of your total time.

The Bottom Line

There is no perfect way to identify your total time spent on League of Legends because the information does not come directly from Riot Games. However, you can use third-party software systems to approximate this statistic. You could also use data provided by LoL itself for an estimate.