How High Can You Place in League of Legends?

Ranked matches are one of the main appeals of League of Legends. Players across all servers want to prove their worth and get as far as they can in the flex or solo/duo queue. The first step they have to take to do that is to win as many placement matches as they can.

Although this doesn't happen often, many players wonder where they can get if they win all placement matches. Will they get to the challenger league? How will their MMR be after that? This page has all the answers!

Read on to learn more about the League of Legends rank system and how it works!

How High Can You Get If You Win All Placement Matches?

Even if you win all placement matches, the highest you can get is platinum I. Why? Well, the game changes a bit after you get to diamond or higher. The matchmaking is different, and the players there use more complex strategies. Then, the game can’t just put someone in the challenger league without them proving they have what it takes to be there.

However, winning all matches won’t give you a free ticket to platinum. The game measures your skill and MMR based on how you did in the first placement match. If you, for example, win the first one without playing that well, the game can place you in silver temporarily and make you go higher as you keep winning.

If you keep winning games, you’ll get more LPs than the ones you would normally get in a normal match until you win all placement matches. Hence, the first game you play is essential to get to the highest you can be when the season starts.

Naturally, winning all placement matches will give you an excellent MMR, so climbing to a higher rank shouldn’t be that difficult after that. The game tries to put you where you deserve to be, so you may still have some things to improve if you want to get out of there.

What’s the Average League People Get into After Placements?

Most players get into silver or gold after their placements, whether they win them all or not. Riot measures this using the player’s MMR, so it can even place players who didn’t win all their matches higher than players who did.

That’s the reason many LoL players spend all season trying to improve their MMR, or at least to keep it from getting worse. However, all of this applies if you didn’t play any ranked matches in the last season.

If you did, you will almost always get placed lower than the division you got to last season. It could be a whole league lower or just some divisions, though. The games you win will determine how close you get to your last rank, but you won’t get any higher than that after playing your placements.

How to Improve My MMR

Your MMR resets each season, so you have a new chance of getting to a better rank than last year’s. Nonetheless, it may be discouraging to wait a whole year to get an MMR reset and then see it go to waste because you lost some matches.

What can you do to improve this? Not many players know, as Riot hasn’t said anything official about it, but the only method you have for the moment is to keep winning games.

It’s difficult to tell how many games you have to win to get your MMR back on track, but some players say you have to win seven games in a row to do it. While this is not an official method of improving your MMR, it often works.

Winning seven matches in a row is not easy at all, so try to not lose many matches consecutively to try to keep your MMR in a good place.

Bottom Line

Getting to the challenger league doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll play like the best players in LCS, but we know how addictive the game is and how well it feels to outdo yourself and get higher than last year.

If you haven’t played this season’s placements, get prepared to win them all! It will improve your MMR and make it easier for you to climb the rank ladder.

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