ELO boost blog part 1

Hi everyone! It is my honour to be part of BoosRoyal’s blog activity. To start with, I was a casual League of Legends player years back from now. I learnt about the game through a friend of mine in high school. He invited me to play with him in the afternoons or weekends. ‘It is a free game it worth a try’ I told myself. Looking back now, I think we were classic noobs, but who wasn’t when first time playing the game. Anyway the first important point of this review should be the way how I decided to buy an ELO boost for myself. As the first season of League of Legends passed, we all received the idea how the game should be played properly. It was the following season of the game when we tried ranked games for the first time. As we made some progress throughout the ranked season, I saw that I will not be able to finish where I projected myself as the season was coming to an end. I was in silver III but I really wanted to end in gold to get the all the rewards. This was the point when I remembered that someone mentioned ELO boost. I did not know what it is and how would it work so I google ELO boost. This was the first time I visited an ELO boost website. Needless to say, from the many pages that appeared after the google search, the first that caught my eye was BoostRoyal because of its cool name. The easy structure of the website made it easy to comprehend all the important details of ELO boost. I read all the information that I could find till the bottom of the main page. The site made it clear that I could choose from two types ELO boost. The first was a pay per win service the other one is division boost which makes is possible to boost your LoL account to a specific ranked division of your desire as I had learnt from its description. I did not hesitate much from that point, I had the clear goal in my mind. I wanted to be in gold division before the season ending. To erase the final questions that I still had in my mind I checked the F.A.Q menu for answers. I found what I was looking for so I proceed to start my purchase. There are a series of pictures that shows the process of purchasing. With those it was easy to get through the whole process. As I did not have a PayPal account I used my credit card to pay for the ELO boost but still the process went through PayPal making the purchase absolutely safe. I finalised my purchase and boom I was in. My ELO boost just got started!