Competition in League of Legends

The ELO boost scene benefits well from the competition which is present on every level of League of Legends between casual players and professional as well. The goal is always different. In the first period of the game, some race each other to reach a high number of number wins or who will be the first to reach level 30? But not just ELO boosters but Riot also benefits from the on-going competition. Some race with the number of skins they get from the store, others buy champions from Riot or Influence Points to race with the number of champions they have with their friends. So as it turns out, competition is a great factor in the game, it makes the game going at an extra speed since it gives extra motivation to everyone who participates in it. In fact, this particular phenomenon is present in every successful game today. The main area for this in League of Legends, is of course the ranked game modes. Since there are 8 tiers in the game (Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger) this makes it easy to see and make difference between the coolness a skilfulness of each competing player. Each tier has 5 divisions which make the race even more precise. (You can be Gold 1 which means you are best of gold, or if you are Gold 5 that means you barely got there, you can fall back to silver 1 easily.) The reason behind the shiny tiers is that the better piece of metal your tier is made of, the cooler you will look in front of your friends. This fact that you want to look awesome o your profile in front of everyone will want you to play more and spend more while doing that which is great for Riot. In conclusion, it is easy to see that any kind of competition that you participate in, while playing the game helps the success of the game and Riot. And the same goes for ELO boost. To achieve ultimate results in short time, by buying an ELO boost you can be in a top tier in no time. This creates a competition for the speed of ELO boosting which is another interesting story for another time.