Changes Coming to League of Legends in 2021

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that was initially released for Microsoft and macOS systems. Since its introduction to gamers worldwide, many have seen the progression and improvements of the game. In the coming months, 2021 is going to be another milestone for League of Legends as there are going to be some significant changes. 


What Are the Changes? 


Fans of League of Legends have been waiting for the Season 11 update, and it seems that Riot Games is ready to deliver! 


Changes that can be expected by League of Legends include:


New Items - Players can expect new Mythic and Legendary items on their missions. While the changes aren't scheduled until 2021, Riot Games has made it clear it is going to be a trial and error as they have yet to confirm or verify if all new items are character compatible. 


Challenges - Players of League of Legends can expect new jungle challenges to tackle. Players who are new to League of Legends are going to enjoy the jungle a bit more than the existing League of Legend players. Why? The improvement of the jungle is meant to help new players understand League of Legend gameplay. 


Other changes to the jungle include modifying the creatures found within, for example, modifying creature resistance. Items have also been removed from the jungles.


These changes have been long overdue. To ensure a proper launching of the full new season of League of Legends, Riot Games is taking the launch piece by piece.


Character Improvements - Depending on the characters, players can expect to see modifications in their skills and powers. It's important to remember that while the characters have been modified, they still require items and experience points to get there.


Why Do They Matter?


Launching the season in quarters helps Riot Games ensure that the modifications and improvements don't impact the gameplay. For example, League of Legends developers is doing a significant overhaul of items and replacing them with new ones. However, there is no guarantee that these items may impact existing characters and boosts. 


This is why Riot Games is creating pre-launches and modifications. This lets the game developers see how items react, and it lets key players provide feedback to developers.


The Big Reveal


League of Legends has been around since 2009. Every so often, there are modifications that enhance the game user experience and draw in the crowds and increase the game appeal. In the past, Riot Games has generated hype around significant changes, teasing of character improvements, and map changes. Players can always look for hints about what is to come, but no one really knows the full experience until they play the new season. 


Expect the same thing for 2021. With history on your side, you can expect wicked updates that make a more even better experience. Even with the pre-launches, it's impossible to know what Riot is going to do with player feedback. 


The countdown to 2021 is on!