Carrying, Planting, and Defusing the Spike in VALORANT

In VALORANT, the main goal is for the attackers to plant the bomb, which the defenders must try to prevent or defuse. The bomb spawns on the attacker's side every round, and it is commonly referred to as the Spike. This guide will go over everything you need to know about carrying, planting, and defusing the Spike. Without any further ado, let's get started!

The Significance of the Spike in VALORANT

The intense world of VALORANT revolves around the attackers planting the bomb and defending it against the defenders. It is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but with visually pleasing graphics, a wide range of fun weapons, and exciting strategies to execute.

Planting the Spike is the key to victory in various game modes, including Standard, Competitive, Swift Play, and Spike Rush. The attackers must defend the bomb for a nerve-wracking 45 seconds.

If they succeed, the Spike detonates, obliterating everyone in its vicinity and securing a victory for the attackers. However, if they fail to plant the bomb or the defenders successfully defuse it, the defenders are crowned the victors of the match.

You can use any character to plant the Spike. Talking about characters, there may be a possibility of getting a new agent (Deadeye) in VALORANT.

Picking and Dropping the Spike in VALORANT

The attackers must pick up the Spike by running over it. In the event that a player dies or drops the bomb, another team member must pick it up to plant it at the designated site.

If there is a change of plan, you can drop the bomb for your team members to grab it.

To drop the Spike, you must first select it by either using your mouse's scroll wheel or pressing "4". Once you're holding the bomb, simply press "G" to drop it. If your team member is close by, the Spike will automatically fall into their inventory.

Planting the Spike in VALORANT

When it comes to planting the Spike, every map offers designated planting sites labeled as "A Site," "B Site," or "C Site."

As an attacker, you and your squad must strategize and decide which site to hit together or whether to spread out. Keep in mind that the defenders are also scheming on their end to prevent the bomb plant.

Once you're at your chosen site, it's time to plant the Spike. You'll be greeted with a prompt to press and hold "4.". The entire bomb planting process takes a suspenseful four seconds to complete.

Successfully planting the Spike not only earns you an ultimate point but also showers your team with 300 extra credits for the next round. Even if you're securing a victory through elimination, it's best to plant the bomb to get the additional points.

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What Is a "Default" Plant in VALORANT?

When you're playing VALORANT, there are certain code words or phrases that players use to simplify the level of communication among their team members.

If you hear your teammates calling out "default plant," they're referring to the locations that are considered the best spots for Spike planting.

A default plant refers to sweet spots at the designated plant sites, and knowing these locations can give you a strategic edge. These are often safe places for the attackers, as they are easy to defend.

How to Defuse the Spike in VALORANT

If you're playing as the defender, it is your responsibility to protect the designated plant sites and prevent the attackers from planting the Spike. In the event that the attackers successfully plant the bomb, you and your team members must defuse the Spike to secure a victory.

To defuse the Spike, press and hold "4" while next to it for seven seconds. At the 3.5-second mark, you'll reach a checkpoint, which allows you or your team members to resume defusing the bomb if you were unsuccessful the first time.

There are three reasons why you may want to consider stepping away from the Spike after reaching the 3.5 seconds checkpoint, and these are as follows:

  • There may be attackers lurking around to eliminate you and your team members;
  • You may want to let someone else defuse it to get the ultimate point; or
  • There's a deadly ability thrown onto the Spike that'll kill you.

Final Thoughts

Some players use a strategy known as "fake defuse," whereby the defenders create an illusion of defusing the Spike. This allows the attackers to expose their locations and risk getting killed.

When the defenders finally defuse the Spike, the player who completes the task earns one ultimate point.

If a teammate is on the brink of unlocking their ultimate ability, it's often a smart move to defuse the bomb halfway and let them swoop in for that ultimate point.

VALORANT is all about strategizing regardless of the side you're on. Communicating with your team members throughout the match is essential to increase your chances of victory!