New Valorant Agent: Deadeye Leaked

Leaks happen in every game, movie, or TV show. Fans love to get them to make predictions on what awaits them in the following months. Valorant is not an exception to that. Riot Games released a trailer showing the new things coming in Valorant’s next season. 


That video showed many things, including battle pass content, new maps, and the voice of a new agent. There are many things to know about this leak. However, keep in mind that everything on this page is based on community theories and some things said by Riot Games developers. 




The possibility of getting a new agent was leaked months ago. However, there wasn’t a lot of information regarding that agent. We knew his name, though. Deadeye. 


Everyone was excited about this agent, but Riot didn’t say anything about him. 


After some time, we got to know more about Deadeye. The new Valorant trailer includes his voice, which leads us to think he’s French. That’s because of his French accent on all Valorant regions apart from the Spain translation. Riot has now said some things about Deadeye, too. 


We know many of you have been asking for it, so, yes, he’s a sentinel. Everyone was wondering when we would get a new sentinel agent in the game. Fortunately, Riot already confirmed that Deadeye is one of them, along with other key information to understand how the agent may work in the future. 




Deadeye’s design is elegant and classy. He wears a shirt, a tie, and glasses. This new agent seems to be focused on one and only one goal: killing his targets. We are led to think he does it from a distance due to the long-sniper in his design. 




There are no confirmed abilities for Deadeye so far. Yet, there are many theories regarding this matter. That’s because of some things revealed by Riot Games when asked about Deadeye. The company also gave us more information when talking about the next Valorant season and patches. 


He’s bringing more things to the table. 


Riot said that Deadeye is an agent who focuses on making mechanical outplays to clutch matches in the most difficult situations. They also said they want to add more spice to this agent’s mix by making him rely on his gunplay ability to make those outplays, which means using this agent may not be easy at all. 


Based on that, many Valorant players have made theories regarding what the agent’s abilities may be. Regardless of being a Sentinel, it’s almost sure for some fans that Deadeye should offer some utility for his team as other controllers do. 


Some theories say that he may have traps or an ability to become invisible. Others think that Deadeye’s abilities may focus on killing enemies and firing shots from a safe distance without missing or getting shot. 


Conclusion – What to Expect from Deadeye 


There’s nothing more interesting than getting more things to make the game fresher. This completely changes the meta in professional gaming and low-elos. 


Whether you want to make new theories and analyses to discover Deadeye’s abilities or to wait for Riot Games to release everything, you can expect this agent to be a complete success. 



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