Best Valorant Players in 2022

It's crazy to think about how Valorant went from being pretty much nothing to the public just under half a decade ago to climbing the ranks to become the most prominent competitive FPS out there. Read our article about the new Valorant agent: Deadeye The game has seen showings at numerous worldwide events, meaning there has been no shortage of talent coming out and showing what they can do. Of this crop, who has proven to be the best? cNed How can you discount a guy who can defend an entire push singlehandedly? With Acend, he has already been a part of the winning teams at the EU VCT Stage 1 Masters and Valorant Champions. You know that you're a menace in a game when you drive fear into opponents, so much so that entire strategies are created just to deal with you. In fact, many of these strategies boil down to avoiding cNed completely. He’s literally the Minato of Valorant right now. TenZ TenZ currently plays with Sentinels, though he began his time Valorant with Cloud9 Blue. This fragger’s strength comes from his unpredictability. Typically, at the top level, you expect certain kinds of structured plays, but TenZ throws the rulebook out the window. He is an incredible duelist (and he clearly lives for the duels) and his reaction speed is next level. No matter who you are, if you run into TenZ using Raze, Jett, or Reyna, it's likely over for you. TenZ is also giving advice about the game on his stream to help players improve. If you are even more dedicated to bettering your skills in Valorant, coaching is a more advanced option for you. nAts So, nAts is a bit of an interesting one. Playing Viper and Cypher, you'd expect that he would thrive only in the supportive role. Don't get things wrong here, he very much does that well. However, not many support players can feel like such a one-man army and sweep up all the kills in a given game. He's not necessarily aggressive, but he knows how to pick his moment incredibly well, striking opponents down unawares. SicK SicK’s strength lies in his versatility. There is no doubt that he stands out the most as a duelist, but he can be whatever his team needs. You may see him playing Sage, Sova, or even Phoenix. Those who have been following his esports career know that this is not his first rodeo as a dominant FPS player. Before this, he made quite the name for himself in the CS:GO arena. The Sentinels found a high utility player here, and you need only review footage of his Phoenix in tandem with TenZ’s Jett to see how much of a monster the pairing can be. If you are tired of doing your weeklies over and over again, hire a dedicated player to complete the Valorant challenges for you! Delz1k Delz1k, a player known for Viper, Astra, and Brimstone play, rounds out this list. Like nAts, you would assume that he generally plays a supportive role based on his characters of choice. Again, he can be as supportive as his team needs and he’s great at it. However, what he's known for is his insanely aggressive style that makes use of inhuman reactions and split-second decision-making. Final Remarks This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are certainly honorable mentions including Chronicle, ScreaM, Leaf, and Yay. You have no shortage of talent to get excited about in upcoming competition. If you are new to valorant we recommend starting with Agents which are easy to learn, to give yourself some time to get used to the game.