Becoming an ELO booster Part II

First, I needed some basic work to get some experience that I could write in my application form.(There is an application letter that every booster has to write in order to apply for an ELO boost job at an official ELO boost site) My first jobs were for my friends in League of Legends. Some of them had low ELO so I offered my services for a really cheap price in order to practice. To be honest at first I had some difficulties. It did not look good when I started to work on an account but instead of winning I started to lose some games, you can imagine. The reason this happened to me is that I have been playing in the top tiers for such a long time, that I forgot how the game works when you have a team full of noobs, leavers and toxic players. It did not take long when I realised, that this is really an ELO hell that I forgot a long time ago at that time. Anyway I soon got back to my classic game style. I started to play with the over powered champions and did not pick the nerved ones. In a usual game I got fed at the first period of the game. From that point I still had to take care. In a 5v5 ELO hell game it is easy to lose an already won game especially when you have a leaver a toxic player who only uses his keyboard to course in the chat, and a feeder. The key was to get fed and stay focused to win the game. I soon became experienced at this. As I made real good progress on my friend’s accounts, I felt, that this was the time to start looking for a job at a real ELO boost company. I wrote an honest application letter with my previous experiences with the game. Since there are no written examples online I used my own creativity create a letter that stand out from the others. As it turned out later I was successful with that. I sent out my letter to many different companies. Soon one of those companies got back to me and they offered me a place in there ELO boot squad. To make my place official, I had to do a try-out job for them. I remember the exact order details. My job was to boost an account from platinum I to diamond IV since the client stuck in platinum for a while and he turned to us to help him out. I was really nervous about it because I have not boosted anyone to that high before, platinum was the maximum that I did before and I was also nervous because It was my trial job. Fortunately it all went great. I only lost 2 games and reached diamond very fast. I got the job and I was officially in the system of ELO boosters where I could lock in the orders that the page receives. Now I have countless completed orders behind my back. I am glad it happened this way because I can play my favourite game while making money which is an absolutely a great thing for me. I am happy to work at BoostRoyal and be in the top circle of boosters.