Why Did Ovilee Leave LCS

The supporters of the NA League of Legends are familiar with the name Ovilee May, LCS's main interviewer. Today, though, she delivered a sudden separation from the LCS show team. In other words, she may not turn up at the LCS Summer Split 2020.


May also revealed her long term plans in the brief video statement on her private channel on YouTube. While she decided not to justify her leaving from the LCS, she announced it would be a "disguised blessing." Most importantly, Ovilee made it clear that this departure doesn't assume she's going to leave the professional gaming landscape, but rather move to a better position in the long run.


If you really want to find out more about Ovilee May, read on. Don't miss out.




Ovilee May is a well-known American reporter. She is definitely remembered as a TV presenter and sometimes regarded as a TV star. She is has been offering her services to Riot Games as their television presenter and journalist. Furthermore, she used to do press conferences and reports for the NA LCS while attending big international meetings.


She began her career as a social media manager for a famous group called Team Liquid. Later, in January 2017, she resigned to join Yahoo. She started working as a reporter and their content producer. She has approached a lot of prominent personalities, mostly involved in sports and eSports.


As for Yahoo, she investigated and questioned star players, team managers, and eSports administrative staff at big companies (i.e., Riot Games & Blizzard Entertainment). She helped with different production and editorial responsibilities.


Aside from her regular work, Ovilee has been coordinating numerous international activities. She is known to be a  very hard-working interviewer, focusing on her future projects and plans. Every day, She grows professionally and learns even more. Also, she has demonstrated a lot of admiration, support, and respect for her profession.


Ovilee May Leaves the LCS Broadcast


The League of Legends group is struggling with this move. For almost three years, Ovilee has regularly provided the audience with information into professional players through interviews and created a range of engaging and enjoyable content for North American fans during major tournaments.


Ovilee May explained some details in the video about her upcoming projects. Like other players, May announced that the move gives her more space to communicate with the gaming population and cooperate with the overall League community.


She promised to do streaming more frequently,  and work with different pro teams on creating enjoyable videos. If needed, she might even work occasionally with the LCS organization.


While her press conferences are going to be profoundly needed by the gaming community, she has agreed to deliver other kinds of content to her platform and boost her appearance in the future. She also confirmed that an upcoming project is approaching without providing further information.


Gaming Career


Ovilee May joined the gaming landscape in 2017. At first, she worked as a journalist and interviewer at Riot Games. Rapidly becoming a crowd favorite, she managed to win the fan-given nickname "NA Sjokz." In a meeting with Travis Gafford, May admitted that she took the nickname as praise, stating that she found "Sjokz" exciting.


While she was working mostly in the NA LCS, May has established her own distinctive personality and unique style that fans have come to enjoy and love.


The Bottom Line


Regardless of her plans or her own reasons for departure, no one can deny that many fans love and appreciate her unique way of streaming and her style of reporting

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