Which Regions Are Strongest in League of Legends?

League of Legends Esports is divided up into different regions of play. 


This allows Riot to host individual leagues that determine which teams can advance through to play on the global stage each year. 


This type of league structure allows each part of the world to show off their best talent, rather than having one region dominate the globe.


The league is split up into six regions:


  • Europe
  • North America
  • Korea
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Southeast Asia


These are listed below in order of dominance, as well as the top teams from each region.


Number One: China


China currently has the privilege of being the strongest region in the League of Legends competitive community. They have three teams inside the top 10, and one of their teams currently holds the number one spot in the world.


FunPlus Phoenix is the current ranked top team in both China and the world and are the 2019 world champions. They have a win ratio of 64% and have had incredibly strong victories over some of their fellow world-class competition. 


FunPlus share the top 10 with their fellow Chinese teams Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up, who hold spots five and eight respectively. 


Number Two: Korea


The argument can be made that Korea is the strongest region, beating out China. They hold two of the top four spots, as opposed to the single (albeit number one spot) that China maintains. They have three teams inside the top 10, holding the number three, four, and six spots. 


SK Telecom T1 is the top-ranked team in Korea, and they hold the aforementioned number three global spot. 


The argument can once again be made that they are the strongest team in the world, having a massive win percentage of 73%, and almost five times the winnings that FunPlus Phoenix has. 


They share the top 10 spotlights with fellow Korean teams DAMWON Gaming and Griffen.


Number Three: Europe


Europe holds the bronze place spot on the regional League of Legends stage. This can be attributed to just a handful of teams that manage to carry the hopes of the European fans on their backs. 


They hold three of the top 10 spots, with Splyce just falling short with number 11.


G2 is Europe’s definitive champion, defending both their number one European rank and their number two global rank from challengers. 


They have a win rate of 63%, and recently got swept 3-0 by FunPlus Phoenix. Shortly before that, however, they decisively bet SK Telecom T1 with a 3-1 victory. A near-perfect justification for their number two spot. 


Their fellow country teams Fnatic, BIG, and Splyce also hold prominent positions on the global stage. 


Number Four: North America


Compared to the other three regions, these last three struggle to keep up. North America has only one team in the top 10, occupying the tenth spot itself. 


Shouldering this burden is Team Liquid. They have a relatively mediocre win rate of 56% and have won just under $1 million dollars.


Number Five: Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia falls down a rung on the ladder yet again. 


They have no teams in the top ten, with their number one team occupying the thirteenth global rank. Outside of these, another Southeast Asia team isn’t seen until spot 35.


J Team is the singular star player for the region, with a win percentage slightly better than North America at 58%. They have earnings of $170,000 dollars. 


Number Six: Brazil


In last place comes Brazil. 


Like Southeast Asia, Brazil falls out of the top 10 category with their top guys sitting tight at number 18.


KaBuM! Esports hold this spot with a winning record of 49% and $180,000 in earnings. 


Another Brazilian team isn’t visible until rank 30.


To sum up.


  • China and Korea are pretty much neck and neck for the number one spot. 
  • Europe is a close follow up at number two. 
  • North America holds a solid bronze medal. 
  • While the other three just fight over the scraps.

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