Most-Toxic League of Legends Pros

League of Legends is wildly popular. Unfortunately, over the years, it has been tainted with toxic players. Most of the toxicity comes from being flamed or cussed at. 98% of the players said they had been cussed during a session. 79% say the harassment continued afterward.


Unfortunately, the toxicity is not only through swearing. Many players have also reported having been harassed through repeated friending, sexual propositions, sent unwanted gifts and being stalked outside of the game.




Jensen, who was once known as IncarnatiOn, was banned in 2013 for dosing other players and reportedly verbally abusing them. At the time, he was supposed to receive a lifetime ban. While he stopped playing under his former account, he began performing under other names and coaching fellow players. The part was through the 2015 season, Jensen was reinstated and now plays for Team Liquid.




Mithy is another player who received a temporary ban from LoL. He received his ban for being toxic in the solo queue. Before his ban, he received a $500 fine due to his behavior. Seemingly, this did not deter his ways. Despite repeated warnings, he continually used racial slurs, harassed other players, and was verbally abusive. His ban lasted less than a year, and by the 2015 season, Mithy was playing again. Currently, Mithy is a LoL coach and has decided to leave his professional playing career in the past.




Dardoch is another well-known toxic player. In 2016 he received a two-week ban from the game. Unlike other players, his ban was not handed down by the creators but from his team and their coach. Reportedly, he has issues with many team members, which created quite a bit of friction. No matter what the coach tried, the problems persisted, hence the suspension. He seemingly learned from the incident and continued to play with Team Liquid after the suspension.




IWD or IWillDominate can be seen as a success story for toxic players. In 2012 he was suspended for toxic behavior, having all his accounts permanently shut down and suspended for one year from League Championship Series. He used the time off as self-improvement and returned one year later with a changed name and a new attitude.



Tyler1 is perhaps the most toxic player of all time. His indiscretions were well known and widespread, causing him to receive an indefinite ban in 2016. He reportedly harassed other players, was intentionally feeding, violated sharing, and purchasing rules, and purposefully broke the sportsmanship rules. Interestingly, though many players felt he was obviously toxic and got what he deserved, many other fans were very upset and thought he was not being treated fairly. In 2018, Tyler1 returned to the game and had been playing ever since.


Toxicity is an unfortunate part of online gaming. The somewhat anonymous nature of the game can make players act with malice. Riot Games has tried hard to punish offending players, but many feels there is still work to be done

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