How Europe Became the Second Strongest LoL Region

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular e-sports, garnering thousands of players from almost every region. One of the leading continents appears to be Europe - and it is not by coincidence. 


By sanctioning regional competitions, Europe has opened a large playing field of opportunity and talent to collect for their rosters. Now, more than ever, Europe has achieved more LoL success by letting more players have the chance to play the game in official competitions. 


Stacking Up Against the Competition


Europe’s methods have proven to be successful. In 2019 alone, it bred 22 players who played in Europe’s top-level competition for the first time. Gaining experience and adjusting to the pressure, these rookie players go on to make up one of the most influential League of Legend regions. 


The case for Europe’s LoL success only gets stronger based on its incredible appearance at the 2019 World Championship. Here, three teams made it to the group stage, resulting in all of them advancing. These three teams- G2, Splyce, and Fnatic - all placed within the top seven and racking up a 55% winning percentage. 


Though the LEC does not stack up to the overall depth and success of the LPL, Europe is a close second. 


Sanctioned Regional Competitions


The key to Europe’s success is by making regional competitions officially sanctioned. Establishing regional competitions was not a new idea to Europe. However, making them sanctioned at the start of the 2018 season was. 


There are currently 13 Riot-sanctioned regional leagues. By opening official competitions to more players, there is a playing environment for all those interested and invested in LoL, thus creating a place to scout for talented up and comers. 


Building the Players


There is a sanctioned regional league for almost every major country in Europe. These leagues are sacred opportunities for those who want to not only play the game but also advance to potential greatness. 


The most talented teams from each regional league qualify for the European Masters. This is a tournament that determines the best regional team in Europe. It is considered the regional equivalent to the first division League of Legends European Championship. 


Since the regional division, also known as the second division, has gained more popularity, players can go pro within them. There is no need to maneuver the path to a professional career in the LEC. Now, it is possible to earn a livable income off of playing in the second division. 


Breaking Down Certain Barriers


One of the main draws to the second division is its significantly lower price compared to the LEC’s. There is an entry fee that reaches almost five digits to get into the first division. Many organizations wonder if the price is even worth it. 


Since players have many opportunities to play professionally at the regional level, there is a lower motivation to pay the large sum of money for the LEC. 


Overall, players all over Europe are getting the chance to build their skills and compete in officially sanctioned tournaments, all within regional leagues. By giving more access to the game and creating a lower entrance fee, Europe is clearly becoming the second strongest LoL team in the world.