Best Agents in Valorant

Are you looking to get started on Valorant? Something you may want to consider when preparing to play is the type of agent you want to have. Different agents have different abilities that can benefit the type of gameplay you or your team has. For the newbie Valorant player, consider the following recommended agents for your gameplay.


Every unit of five players can benefit from one who can revive them. If this is a role you are looking to take on, consider Sage, whose ability to regenerate can enhance their experience. Sage can help allies powerup, but she can also summon a wall that protects against enemies.


For the player who likes to play aggressively or rather who wants to dominate, consider Breach. Breach is an agent who can cause earthquakes, not to mention that countering his attacks is quite tricky because of his capabilities. What is a downside to Breach's strength? His power can sometimes overpower that of his teammates, so if you or your teammates are thinking of Breach, make sure you know what you are getting in to!


If you prefer the more subtle and strategic approach, consider Cypher. This Valorant agent place traps throughout, which slows down the opponent. Cypher is an agent that plays more of a supporting role than leading a team. Cypher is a great agent to have on a team as he can lurk behind enemy lines and make a surprise attack. One of the things that make Cypher a great Valorant agent is that once you have mastered and understood the bombs he uses, you can strategically place them behind enemy lines for optimal damage.


Raze is a Valorant agent who is a go-getter, as their offensive skills are incomparable to others. She has excellent knowledge of intricate weaponry, not to mention, she has a rocket launcher that can cause amply damage with a simple pull of the trigger. One added benefit to having Raze as an agent is her grenades that make distractions and offensive attacks on the enemy.


If you prefer an agent who has agility and mobility, consider Jett. Her physical attributes mean she can climb hard to reach areas and maneuver into hard to get to angles. In a way, her ability to move quickly makes her a hard target to hit.


Which agent to pick in Valorant is never truly constant. It can change quickly based on the game's evolution, so stay up to date with the agents that make Valorant the game to play.