Alternative League of Legends Game Modes

League of Legends is one of the world’s leading competitive MOBA games, and there’s a reason for that. Over the years, Riot has finetuned the game and systematically crafted an intricate and vibrant game that only continues to give. 


Over the years that have gone into the creation of this game, we have seen a phenomenal amount of different game modes added. 


The typical five on five competitive game type does burn you out after a while, making the unique and quirky seasonal events a much-needed breather. 


While the game modes aren’t generally here to stay, it does provide some much-needed fun in an environment that is otherwise overwhelmingly toxic and serious. 


What the Game Modes Entail


Typically, the alternative League of Legends game modes comes with a serious of stat boosts that are applied to all players across the board. 


This can be anything from speed boosts to attack ups, to an increase in the rate at which people earn gold. 


On occasion, you might see something a little bit more unique. Take Ascension, for example. This game mode was completely unique in its ruling. It staggered the rate at which each player could leave the fountain at the beginning of the game and had them teleport to a designated point around the map once they did. 


The game mode was points-based and featured a neutral mob that bestowed a super buff once killed. 


While game modes that are this unique are few and far between, it is always fun when one comes around. 


Rotating Game Modes


Every year, Riot has a rotating game modes model in which alternative game modes are enabled and disabled at certain points throughout the year. This keeps the game interesting and allows for both the introduction of new games, as well as the return of some fan favorites. 


There are typically seven or eight game modes throughout the year which rotate on a somewhat monthly basis. Some game modes last longer than others, so you want to make sure you take advantage of a type you like while it’s available. 


As well as the rotation, on occasion, there are seasonal events that bring in new game modes, too. For things like Christmas and other public holidays, it’s not uncommon to see an appropriately themed game mode added for a week or two. 


If not, at the very least, the game typically undergoes a visual overhaul to match the festivities at that time of year.