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Why BoostRoyal is the best lol elo boost provider?

BoostRoyal is unique in many ways and offers a number of stand-alone features that set it apart from other lol boost providers.


We believe customers come first

The premium lol boosting experience offered by BoostRoyal is unmatched. Compared to other lol boosting sites, BoostRoyal has a customer-centric business model and operates as a registered company in multiple countries to provide the highest quality of lol boost available. Our mission statement is the following: "Provide the highest quality of LoL boosting services while focusing on consumer needs and satisfaction"


Years of expertise

Experience is something that a business can earn by operating on a specific market over a given period of time. BoostRoyal has been offering different lol boosting services to League players since 2013. By gathering experience throughout the 30000+ LoL boost orders the company has completed since its launch, the quality of its services can't be matched by competitors.


We value privacy

LoL elo boost is a type of service that requires a high level of privacy and safety. To protect our clients and their accounts, BoostRoyal's system was designed in a way that it hides all passwords entered. When the type of lol boost requires a booster to log in on a user's account, BoostRoyal's software automatically logs the booster in without the need of the booster typing in the password.


Challenger booster team

We recruit the best LoL players available. We have the lowest acceptance rate in the industry in terms of new booster applications as we are dedicated to only employ the most professional and friendly elite of lol boosters. We believe that the key to offering a premium elo boost service is only possible with boosters playing the game at the highest level.


Premium Boosting & Competitive prices

BoostRoyal is proud to offer Premium elo boosting combined with low prices. Using a premium service usually requires paying premium prices. In the case of BoostRoyal's premium boost services, this is not the case. With a competitive pricing strategy, BoostRoyal's aim is to offer the highest quality of lol boosting available while having either matched or lower prices when compared to other LoL boost providers.


Revolutionary customer relationship management

LoL elo boosting is a type of intangible online service that requires a high level of customer relationship management. To provide this to our customers, we employ both professional online and offline support agents. With a customer-centric mindset, BoostRoyal's chat support team thrives to achieve the highest attainable customer satisfaction. If you require additional information related to our services.


Seamless LoL Boosting experience

The engineering team at BoostRoyal puts a great emphasis on continuous developments. The goal is to create a system that offers a seamless lol boosting experience. We believe this is only possible with continuous involvement in the controlling of existing processes while adding exciting new features. Innovation is the key to a successful business, and lol elo boosting is no exception to that.


The Widest Range of services for LoL

BoostRoyal offers the widest range of services for the game. It has the most type of LoL boost based services, which are further customizable with options like priority order, specific champions, and coaching. Additionally, other than elo boosting, the site has a selection of lol accounts on sale. Unranked lol smurf accounts and high elo ones are both included and they are available in the LoL smurf shop and in the LoL account market.


The number of happy customers

BoostRoyal receives the highest number of positive user reviews in the business. Our number of satisfied customers proves that lol elo boost buyers are looking for a premium service when it comes to buying a lol boost. We also have the highest rate of returning customers which further proves the statement. No matter which type of boosting or account selling option is chosen, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.