Will G2 Come back after losing to MAD?

One of the biggest names in League of Legends Esports, G2 Esports, was just knocked out of the 2020 LEC Spring Split Playoffs. It’s a massive upset for the team of German gamers, who have always been in the League of Legends spotlight. They took the first LCS title in 2015 and have been smashing tournaments ever since.


They were the favorite to go all the way to the finals in the LEC tournament, selecting the team MAD Lions as their first foe during the first round of the competition. The MAD Lions were a rookie team, but they performed well during the regular season and took on some very experienced gamers while playing brilliantly.


They showed the ability to adapt early on and get inside the heads of their opponents, which caused mistakes the Lions were quick to take advantage of.


The Pace Of The Game


G2 always seems to be very greedy in the early game, often pushing forward to fights that it couldn’t win and risking it all to seize early objectives that weren’t always worth it. The players on G2’s side of the field can get away with it due to their talent and skill, but it always seems to be a very risky move.


MAD on the other hand, met force with force and tended to engage at times where they had a disadvantage, but they quickly adapted to G2’s mistakes and after the third game was much more focused. The Lions kept their foes from dictating the pace of the game and prevented them from seizing the initiative.


A Role Swap Might Have Doomed Them


G2, while keeping most of the changes from its roster, did move Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic down to the mid lane and brought Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther to the bottom lane. This experiment didn’t go well for G2, and Caps performed at an average level throughout the match as a mage.


Meanwhile, Perkz’s skills as a counter to marksmen and mages went unused, a massive hole in their talent that certainly didn’t do the team any favors. The loss forces G2 to fight to stay in the finals, and now the question is can they recover?


Can They Make A Comeback?


They more than likely need to reverse their role swapping, but they shouldn’t be counted out just yet. For all their flaws and mistakes, it’s easy to forget that the team has been doing reasonably well in similar tournaments. They are a good team capable of being the best whenever they get their strategy together.


Losing to the MAD Lions is going to sting, but the fight to remain in the tournament might just be what the team needs to huddle up, perform some strategy, make some role changes, and get back into the game. A loss is a loss, and upsets do happen. What we need to look at is how they learn from the mistakes and what is next for them.