Wild Rift: Success or Failure?

League of Legends is one of the most successful games in the history of video games, and even if you don’t play it, almost everyone knows it exists. This game renovates itself yearly, so it’s difficult to tell when the end of it will be.

Riot has released several games throughout the years apart from League of Legends, such as Valorant and Teamfight Tactics. However, one of its latest releases, which was also the one closest to the main game, draws many doubts about its success.

We are, of course, talking about League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Some people say Wild Rift is still a huge success, but others say that it was a complete failure. Who’s right? We are here to answer that question.

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Is Wild Rift Successful? – Ways to Measure Its Success

Let’s start with the reasons Wild Rift could be considered a success. The first thing to study about it is the numbers it has had since its release.

Wild Rift has always had an advantage other MOBAs or games from Riot haven’t had, and it’s that it’s the mobile version of an already successful game. League of Legends matches last 30 minutes on average, which is the reason some users don’t play it that much.

Not everyone has time to be in front of their computer for half an hour, but things are different if you take it down a notch. You can play a WR match if you have a 10-minute break from work, so it’s accessible to a wider audience.

That was one of the main topics of Riot's marketing campaigns, and you can see that in its numbers. Wild Rift was released in 2020, and it has got more than 50 million downloads since then and one million downloads monthly in 2022.

You wouldn’t see those numbers as a failure. The same happens with the revenue the game has got, which goes beyond the $100 million mark. It’s difficult to get that much money from a free-to-play game.

If you set aside numbers, Wild Rift has more appealing graphics and aesthetics than the original game. The visual approach this game went for adapts more to the current market trends than the original game.

Was Wild Rift a Failure? – Things to Worry About

After reading all those things, you may wonder why people would say Wild Rift is a failure. However, the “failure” of this game is not about what it is currently but rather where people think it’s headed.

Despite its numbers, people expected much more hype upon WR’s release than the one it actually had. Many users are leaving the game for other mobile MOBAs, and it’s not drawing as much attention as it did in the first place.

The reason for this is its popularity came from League of Legends and not the quality of the game itself. Hence, the game hasn’t been able to sustain its success throughout the years as its PC counterpart has.

Why are players trying other options? Well, the main reason for it is how the game treats high-elo players. The game’s matchmaking system is not as good as the original’s, and while matchmaking was already a problem in the original LoL, it became way worse in Wild Rift.

As for the reason people don’t download the game in the first place, it’s mainly because of how much time this game took to come out. People waited for Wild Rift for many years, but waiting too much made them lose hype in the game.

Thanks to that delay, it also stayed left behind compared to other MOBAs that stayed on the market for a long time. People who spent money on other games won’t leave them unless they have a good reason.

On top of all, WR’s esports events have lost many views, and Riot even cut its support to its Europe esports organizations, which is one of the main reasons people follow Riot games.

Final Thoughts – Was Wild Rift a Success or a Failure?

We wouldn’t say Wild Rift is a failure due to the numbers it has. When you talk about revenue, you can see this game as nothing but a success. Regardless of that, the game could be heading toward its downfall, and it’s up to Riot to do something to keep it from happening.

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