Who Are The Best League of Legends Top-Laner Players?

The League of Legend’s World Championship play-in stage is set to start on October 1st in Seoul. This stage is comprised of 12 teams that are competing against one another to gain a spot in the final four at the game’s premier tournament.


The quality of a top-laner player within a team can make or break the performance the team is able to deliver, as well as impact world title dreams of the team. For this reason, we have broken down some of the best top-laner players on the roster.  


Who Are The Best LoL Top-Laner Players?


Here are our picks for the best top-laner players that are competing in the championships:


Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho, KT Rolster


At the beginning of Smeb’s professional playing, he was considered one of the worst professional players in the whole of the South Korean scene. Nonetheless, he reinvented himself on the KOO Tigers. As a result, the narrative has since changed. 


He transformed himself into being one of the strongest players in South Korea. Many people are regarded as being a jack of all trades while being a master of none. This isn't the case for Smeb. He is extraordinarily a master in all trades and known for being incredibly flexible.


The only thing stopping Smeb from establishing himself from being the top-laner ever to play the game is the Summoner’s Cup.


Kim "Kiin" Gi-in, Afreeca Freecs


Kiin’s performances in the 2017 League Championships Summer Split in Korea put him on the radar as a player to watch out for. Kiin was later picked up by the Afreeca Freecs, where he was placed in a difficult position of filling the large shoes left by Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan. Many expected Kiin to deliver poor performances.


However, he performed to the contrary and gained the recognition he greatly deserved. After his outstanding performances, he is now considered one of the best top-laner players in South Korea. He has established himself as a well-rounded player and has the ability to perform effectively as a top-laner, no matter the role he is assigned in any Afreeca draft.


He is regarded as a crucial part of Afreeca’s engages for his exceptional teamfight targeting. He also provides Afreeca with the ability to make draft swaps at the last-minute thanks to his unique flexibility.


Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho, 100 Thieves


Ssumday assimilated himself very well in North America since first being put on the radar in 2017. Much like Rookie, who plays for Invictus Gaming in China, Ssumday has quickly learned his home country's language. He came to North America without very much knowledge of English. However, he is now able to conduct interviews in English. 


Ssumday has always been regarded as a fantastic top-laner. However, many have forgotten his potential since playing in North America.


Nonetheless, the caliber of player that Ssumday can perform at is yet to be unleashed. He is truly a superstar player who only needs 100 Thieves to rally behind him this October to make some waves in South Korea.