Who Are the Best League of Legends Mid-Laner Players?

The League of Legend's World Championship never seems to disappoint and is always packed with the best talent from all across the planet. Nonetheless, this year's mid-lane player pool that the tournament is equipped with maybe one of the best we've have seen for quite a while.


The pool is filled with superstar veterans as well as young powerhouses, which makes the mid-lane kingdom the most challenging role to pin down. Every team relies on this role, whether the team consists of utility-based players or flashy playmakers.


Who Are the Best LoL Mid-Laner Players?


Here are some of the best mid-laners that are heading to the League of Legends Worlds Championship:


G2 Esports’ Caps


It’s not hard to see that Caps has been Europe’s best team’s life force this season. He is considered to be the best mid-laner in the West while having the most consistency this summer out of every member of the team.


The 2020 Summer Split wasn't very dominant for G2 when compared to other seasons. The whole team finished with a record of 11-7. The team's roster shared a variety of moments of weakness throughout the duration of the split. However, Caps was the only exception to this and actually had to carry the rest of his teammates.


The playoffs saw Caps become an even stronger player in order to bring his team another LEC championship. Nonetheless, fans hope that the rest of the team pulls their own weight so that Caps won't have to do so much heavy lifting at the Worlds. This is because the competition is a lot fiercer in Shanghai when compared to the caliber of competition in Europe.  


Damwon Gaming’s ShowMaker


ShowMaker, at 20 years old, is seen as one of Damwon Gaming's superstars. He is equipped with some of the best mechanical skills that many people have yet to see. Moreover, he had a 16 KDA while in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, with only having 29 deaths in all of his 39 games, which is mind-blowing. 


He is incredibly strong in the early game, like many top-tier Korean mid-laners. He achieved the highest gold difference of anyone else in just ten minutes while based in Korea. On average, he also reached the greatest damage to champions per every 60 seconds than any other mid-laner present in the league. 


Top Esports’ Knight


Many analysts and fans believe that Knight could possibly be the best League player at the moment. At only 20 years old, the superstar from China is one of the most promising individual talents at Worlds and has said to have taken over the LPL along with Top Esports.


He gained a league-leading 7.2 KDA in the last split, as well as an incredible 75.6 percent of the kill representation rate. Moreover, all of this was achieved in what is seen as one of the most bloody and competitive regions in the world.


This is according to the League stats site called the Oracle’s Elixir. It won’t be surprising if Knight outshines all of the other top mid-laners at the Worlds tournament.