What to Expect from the 2021 MSI of League of Legends

It is finally time to enjoy the first major LOL event of 2021. The Mid-season Invitational (MSI) is underway!


Everyone feels like it’s been forever since our last international event. No one has forgotten that there wasn’t a 2020 MSI event. Now, though, in 2021, there is an MSI, and it’s on LAN, so we could not be happier. Here’s everything you should know about the League of Legends MSI 2021.


Where to Watch It


The best place to go to watch the MSI 2021 hasn’t changed. Lolesports.com is a great option, but there are other platforms that show you live stats throughout the games. If you want to make things easier, go to the Twitch stream (Riot Games).


When Does It Start?


The 2021 MSI for LOL starts May 6. Right now, the Grand Final should happen on May 22.


Since the event is international and hosted during the pandemic, there’s a gap between the end of the regular seasons and this event. It was lengthened to have a later start date and last longer, too.


What Team Are Going to Be There?


There are going to be 12 teams attending the MSI this year, and each wins their regional league. They’re divided into four teams, which are going to split apart into three groups. One team from every pool is in the group.


Here are the Pools and Groups:


Pool One:


  • Europe – Mad Lions
  • Korea – DWG Kia
  • China – (TBD April 18)


Pool Two:


  • Vietnam – (TBD April 18)
  • PCS – (TBD April 18)
  • North America – Cloud9


Pool Three:


  • Turkey – TBD
  • CIS – TBD
  • Latin America – Infinity Sports


Pool Four:


  • Oceania – Pentanet.GG
  • Japan – DetonatioN FocusMe
  • Brazil – TBD


Here are the groups for the Group Stages:


Group A:


  • Pentanet.GG
  • LCL Spring Champion 
  • VCS Spring Champion
  • LPL Spring Champion


Group B:


  • Mad Lions
  • CBLOL Split 1 Champion
  • TCL Winter Champion
  • PCS Spring Champion


Group C:


  • DAMWON Gaming Kia
  • Infinity Esports
  • Cloud9
  • DetonatioN FocusMe


What’s the Format?


This year, the MSI is going to have three groups with four teams. The regions are already put into pools and divided. In the past, lower-ranking regions battled it out using play-in stages. For the 2021 year, Riot Games threw everyone into the group stage because of the COVID risk.


Below, we talk about the rules and how they playout for the three states. They start in groups and then go to the “Rumble” stage.


Event Info


  • Location to be the Laugardalsholl Sports Center in Reykjavik
  • The prize pool is yet to be determined


Stage 1 (the Groups)


  • Teams are put into three groups
  • The Double Round Robin
  • The best of one match determines the winner
  • The best two teams from each group move to Stage 2
  • The other teams head to the Rumble


Stage 2 (the Rumble)


  • The Double Round Robin
  • The best of one match determines the winner
  • The best four teams  move to Stage 3
  • Any remaining teams head home


Stage 3 (the Knockout)


  • There’s a single elimination bracket
  • The best of five matches wins




The 2021 MSI for League of Legends has been a long time coming. This year, the MSI winner is given a spot at the World 2021. For example, if China wins this event, that region gains another slot. Don’t forget to watch the event unfold!