What Ranks Can Play Together in Wild Rift?

As it happens in League of Legends, ranked matches have been the most popular game mode in Wild Rift since its release. Even if casual players aren’t aiming for the competitive scene, they may want to get as high as they can in the game’s ranks.

One of the best strategies to get to a higher rank in this game is to play with friends. Wild Rift is a game that gives too much importance to teamwork, but it’s difficult to win anything if your teammates are trolling or just not skilled enough to win the match.

However, if you play with a friend, even if it’s just one, you got one person you know will help you win the game. The problem with that is that people in the iron league can’t play with challenger ones since it would be unfair to their opponents.

Do you want to queue up with your friends but don’t know if you can play with them? Read on to know what ranks can play together in Wild Rift!


Starting with the solo/duo/trio mode, we have to say Riot is way more flexible on this matter with Wild Rift than it is with League of Legends. When you play LoL, you can’t play ranked matches with someone two leagues above you, but that doesn’t happen here.

If you are iron or bronze, for example, you can play with iron, bronze, and silver players. On the other hand, challenger players can only form a premade party with other challenger players.

Here is a list of the ranks that can play together in solo/duo/trio-ranked matches:

  • Iron – Iron, Bronze, and Silver
  • Bronze – Iron, Bronze, and Silver
  • Silver – Iron Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Gold – Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Platinum – Gold, Platinum, and Emerald
  • Emerald – Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond
  • DiamondIV-III ­– Emerald and Diamond
  • Diamond II-I – Emerald, Diamond, and Master
  • Master – Diamond I-II, Master, and Grandmaster
  • Grandmaster – Master and Grandmaster
  • Challenger ­– Challenger

As you can see, the game gets more restrictive as you get to a higher rank. More specifically, you can’t play with players in some higher or lower leagues depending on which division of Diamond you are in.

The Riot team does this to ensure players in all leagues play fair matches where almost all of them are in a similar level of gameplay.

Full Team Queue

Things change a bit when you play in the full team queue. Although many people play this game mode, it’s not as popular as the solo one, so the game is a bit more flexible around it.

The situation around the lowest leagues stays almost the same in the full team queue, but the restrictions in the highest ones disappear.

These are the ranks that can play together in the full team queue:

  • Iron – Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Bronze – Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Silver – Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Gold – Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Emerald
  • Emerald – Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, and Master
  • Diamond – Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, and Master
  • Master – Emerald, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster
  • Grandmaster – Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger
  • Challenger – Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger

What About Smurfs?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to not get a smurf in your team or your opponent’s every once in a while. Riot doesn’t allow this and tries to adapt smurfs’ MMR to their actual gaming skills, but the game’s system won’t always notice those players right away.

If you’ve been playing for a while and created a new account to play with your friends, you can do it as long as you are in a rank they can play with. However, if you start winning games all the time, you’ll outrank them sooner or later.

Bottom Line

We understand if you want to have fun with your friends and help them get to a higher rank, but that means they have to be as good as you are. Even if you are on the same level as your friend but play more often than them, you will outrank them, too.

However, you can always create an account just to play with other people and use your main account to play alone.

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