What Is L9?

People in the League of Legends world have heard about the infamous L9 club. This article tells you what you need to know about it, including who its members are.


What Is It?


If you are in the League of Legends community, you must have heard about the L9 club. The term ‘L9’ is short for Low Nine, which is basically a European club of the best League of Legends players who are immensely toxic.


Even though all the players on L9 are considered to be the best League of Legends gamers, everyone knows how toxic they are, especially when things don’t go their way when they’re playing.


How Did It Become Famous?


The L9 club initially started with RatIRL and 0bsess, according to a lot of people. They wanted to gain fame and traction on social media platforms, and they managed to achieve that on Twitter.


At first, the L9 club became immensely famous on Twitter because of the toxic nature of its members. Although they were the best LOL players, they would often spam ‘xd’ and question marks, which entertained people.


Raw talent combined with a toxic nature is what defines the members of the L9 club. When it became famous, Ap0calypse and Selfmademan joined, and this made its popularity increase even more.


Eventually, the L9 club became so impressive that the original members started to sell spots for other people to join. Furthermore, some gamers tried to start fake L9 clubs, and nowadays, others include L9 in their tags to show their toxic nature.


Who Are Its Members?


The L9 club started with two members, then two more joined and it had four. They tried to sell the spots on the club, but the original four gamers are the most important ones for the club’s fame, so here they are:




With nearly half a million followers on twitch, RatIRL is the most famous member of the L9 club. He often played ranked duos with Ap0calypse, and people know him because of his overly emotional reactions, particularly when things don’t happen the way he wants them to in-game. 

RatIRL is the primary source of drama with the L9 club, and people consider him to be the most toxic player in there.


You can learn more about RatIRL in our dedicated article.




Unlike RatIRL, Ap0calypse has stayed out of the social media radar. Therefore, everyone knows he’s immensely talented, but you can only see him playing with others, dominating ranked queues.


Selfmade or Selfmademan


With a carry jungler playstyle, Selfmade took the professional route when it comes to streaming and gaming, which is something that Ap0calypse never did. 


He is very successful and managed to jungle for Fnatic, who performed immensely well in the Worlds tournament of 2020. Since he has a playstyle that compliments his teammates, he will likely keep playing with Fnatic.




Instead of going for social media fame, 0bsess took the professional route just like Selfmade did. He is now very successful and numerous teams have signed him, for example, Misfit Gaming and Gamers Origin.


L9 Today


Nowadays, the original four don’t really talk to each other. People see the L9 club as a joke in the League of Legends community and understand that each of its members has formed their own gaming career.


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