What Are the Rarest Valorant Skins?

If you have ever played Valorant, you probably already understand the important role that skins play. By helping you to create personalized weapons, they make the gaming experience more immersive and personalized.

In this article, we will talk about seven of the rarest Valorant skins.

Arcane Sheriff

This skin claims the number one spot on this list as the rarest Valorant skin.

Riot Games, the creator of Valorant, launched its Netflix series "Arcane" in the latter part of 2021, and November of that year saw the release of the Arcane Sheriff skin to promote this series.

It is a unique skin and has been designed to resemble the weapon of choice used by one of the series' primary players, Jinx. The grasping and shooting animations have been adjusted to feel exactly like Jinx.

WayFinder Shorty

Wavefinder Shorty was introduced in early 2022 as a unique reward for Twitch Prime members.

This skin offers a matte black background with silver and gold motifs. It is unusual in the sense that no other item in the video game has a design like this one. It is a first of its kind, making it an extremely rare and desirable skin.

However, there is sad news if you are hoping to get this skin: it is no longer available.

The Champions ‘22 Collection

Gold and red are the signature colors associated with the Champions 2022 collection. It consists of the Butterfly Knife (5350 VP) and the Phantom (2675 VP) and was launched to celebrate the 2022 VCT Champions. However, it is no longer available for purchase.

One of the great things about this skin is that 50 percent of all proceeds from the purchase of this rare skin went to charity.

Ruin Skins

The Ruin Collection, an all-time favorite among gamers, has been found in numerous collections since the game's debut. It features a regal design with a red crystalline glimmer that will surely get you going.

This collection became available on the 13th of October 2020 as part of Ignition Episode 1 Act 3 and offers skins for weaponry such as Vandal and Marshal. It also features one of Valorant's most important weapons - the Ruin Dagger.

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Kingdom Skins

These Valorant skins are also not new. Having been launched in June of 2020, they include a fantastic set of weapons, which include knives in a metallic silver color. The collection is significant because it was the very first Battle Pass to ever feature a knife.

Hivemind Collection

These skins have a distinct extraterrestrial design, similar to an insect hive, and contain metal packed with purple alien goo. The Hivemind Collection included weaponry, such as:

  • Ares
  • Shorty
  • Vandal
  • Sceptre

Shorty was essentially an episode completion reward, while Vandal and Spectre were available at levels 25 and 5, respectively. Ares could be obtained from level one. The key incentive for completing this Battle Pass includes a Knife, which can be unlocked at level 50.

Couture Collection

Next on our list is the Couture Collection, which was inspired by the fashion houses in Paris and Milan. The skins in this collection featured minimalistic markings on an ivory backdrop reminiscent of 1960s fashion, which also featured animal designs.

These rare Valorant skins, which were launched in June 2020, were provided for the Bulldog, Stinger, Frenzy, and Marshal.

Polyfox Collection

These skins portray foxy characteristics. A geometric style was utilized to illustrate the foxes on the weaponry, resulting in remarkably symmetrical designs. This collection became available in August 2020 and includes skins for Guardian, Bulldog, Judge, and Sheriff.

Final Thoughts

Valorant is not just about skill and gameplay but also about personalization, which is made possible through unique skins. The collections on this list are designed to go beyond just customization but can be used as a symbol of achievement, commitment, and dedication.

Whether you have the Ruin Collection or the extremely rare Arcane Sheriff, you can enjoy exclusivity and community recognition.

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