What are the Best League of Legends Champions?

So, the MOBA game League of Legends has already captured your interest yet still looking for the best champion to use throughout the game? We've got you covered! Below are some of the best champions you might want to consider on your next game. • Annie Often known as the best champion specifically for beginners. She has a giant bear, an extremely long stun, lots of damage, point-and-click abilities, and an easy to combo learn. The mana you spend on it will then be refunded if you kill a minion with the help of Annie. • Support Also one of the best champions that is able to employ the battlefield in delicate ways. Often, it is in control to dictate map control and give vision by wards. It boasts a very high combat utility as well as capable of making the allies stronger and weakening or devastating enemies. • Ashe Undeniably one of the coolest champions you'll come across in League of Legends. She is considered the icy queen. While she doesn't greatly deal with damage as other markswomen or marksmen, Ashe is very up-front. Not to mention, the flashy, huge ultimate ability she possesses is very rewarding in the land. • Garen If you want to try out the top lane, then Garen could be the right champion to help in achieving your objectives. Garen's biggest strengths are due to his skills' simplicity. Very tanky and works nicely as an initiator on team flights. He can regenerate health quicker than other champions - thanks to his passive and perseverance. • Assassin Assassins instantly get rid of an enemy champion through pulling off a powerful arrangement of abilities and attacks. It has high motion speed and high burst damage. The assassins' abilities allow them to maneuver and/or reposition in a quick manner. Choosing the Right Champion Before investing in a particular champion, it is crucial to ask yourself some questions in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This will make or break your overall playing experience. Questions such as: "Do I like the general look of the champion?" "Does the playstyle of my preferred champion sound stimulating?" "Does the story behind the champion impress me a lot?" If your answer is "Yes" to all of these questions, then opt for it. Keep in mind that buying a champion merely due to its existing balance situation or abilities is not a good idea at all.