Welcome Summoners!

As you might already know only the site is new not the experience. By shutting down our old site, we managed to take ELO boosting to a whole new level. In order to do so, we did the following. First of all we gave a new mechanism to our site as a core. Now it is capable to handle great number of customers at the same time flawlessly. We also increased the number of supports, which means that from now on the support team will try to help and assist you as soon as possible through live chat or e-mail. If you have a question about ELO boosting do not hesitate to ask.

Besides improving the support team, which cooperates perfectly with the sites core system, we did some other things too in order to improve user experience. The clear new design looks better but at the same time makes it easier to navigate on the site. We also changed the structure of the site. Before the redesign it was a simple but secure ELO boosting webpage. Now, the renewed structure made it possible to place valuable content throughout the site. You will find these contents very useful if you are new to ELO boosting, or if you are interested in what we are doing at BoostRoyal.com in order to bring you these perfected services.

Despite of the rework, our main idea and the spirit of Boostroyal stayed the same. Customer priority stayed one of our main priorities. We are striving achieve a high-level customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make every client feel unique and give all the attention they deserve. The ELO boosting team considers its job very important and they feel rewarded both financially and mentally after satisfying each client.

At the moment BoostRoyal provides 2 types of services in ELO boosting. First is division boosting which allows the customer to buy guaranteed tier and division and the second is win boosting which makes it possible to buy desired number of wins. You can read more about these services and ELO boosting itself on the main page or in the boosting services menu.