Uzi Is Back to Playing Professional LoL

Back in 2020, the League of Legends world saw Uzi leave the scene because of his ongoing health issues. Many believed that he would never return to the esports world, but he is back to play. Uzi was considered one of the greatest players of all time, even though he never won a Worlds, but now he’s back and joined LPL Bilibili Gaming.


The Grand Slam


Those familiar with Uzi will remember that he claimed his first international title in 2018 during the Mid-Season Invitational. However, he was then eliminated by G2 Esports in the quarterfinals. Then, things began to darken for the incredible player.


Uzi’s obsession with League of Legends left him with a lot of shoulder pain that had him benched during games, and his type 2 diabetes began to worsen over time. He kept playing intermittently for two years before retiring back in 2020.


What Uzi’s Situation Brought to Light


After what happened to Uzi went public, many people began to question esports and how people should be taking care of their health while playing. When the tournament started and people began to participate, many people would practice and play for hours every day without thinking of the consequences.


This is because no one ever spoke about gamers needing a break from their computers to stretch out their arms and shoulders. Instead, teams would practice for over 12 hours a day without even taking a simple walk. However, Uzi and his situation have brought these concerns to light, so teams should now encourage their players to take breaks while practicing.


Is This the New Super Team?


Bilibili made sure to announce Uzi’s spot on the roster at the very end. This team did finish in 7-8th place in Summer 2021, but they have signed more people who will bring some added power to the team. With people like Liu Qing-Song, Chen Chen, Chu Chun-Lan, and Chiu Tzu-Chuan, this is a team that many people are looking forward to watching.


However, this team is filled with incredible talent, but Uzi will end up taking a lot of the spotlight. There are many expectations for Bilibili this season because this is a team that will be feared by many.


Will Doggo Help Uzi?


Many people have been questioning why Doggo was also signed onto the team because they already have Uzi. Doggo is a name that many people know because he has shown incredible talent at the MSI and the Worlds 2021. However, people have said that Doggo will not be a starting member of Bilibili’s roster. The primary purpose of him being a part of the team is to give Uzi a break if he needs it.




With Uzi’s return to League of Legends, it will be interesting to see how the team works together through the tournaments. Bilibili has made a team that many people will fear because of the strong players on the roster, but it is essential that they also take breaks during their practices. Otherwise, they could end up losing some of their players due to injury.