Unleashing the Fighting Spirit: An Exploration of Wild Rift Patch 4.3

Introduction: The Fighting Spirit Update

Welcome to the Fighting Spirit Update, Wild Rift Patch 4.3! This patch is packed with a punch, introducing a new champion, Nilah, and a host of gameplay updates. The rune system has been revamped, boot enchantments have been tweaked, and balance adjustments have been made. The patch also introduces a new event, the legendary Tournament of Souls, with new skins and a new game mode.

New Champion: Nilah, The Joy Unbound

Nilah, an ascetic warrior from a distant land, is the latest addition to the Wild Rift roster. She seeks the world's deadliest opponents to challenge and destroy them. Nilah won her power through an encounter with a long-imprisoned demon of joy, and now channels the demon's liquid form into a blade of unparalleled might. Her release is set for July 21 at 00:01 UTC.

Wild Pass and Ranked Season 10

The Wild Pass introduces Dream Raider Thresh, bringing lots of goodies for players to earn. Patch 4.3 also marks the start of a new ranked season, with Glorious Basilisk Jarvan as the new ranked skin. Changes have been made to the ranked system, including a new tier above challenger and tweaks to the Legendary Queue.

New Mode: Tag Duel

Tag Duel, a 1v1 mode where the goal is to kill your opponent multiple times, is introduced in this patch. Players select three champions and can swap between them during the game, with each swap consuming super meter charges. This mode takes place in a small arena with no minions, allowing players to focus on the fighting.

Soul Fighter Bounty and Events

The Soul Fighter Bounty is a promotion where players have a chance to get Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition). Boxes can be purchased for 400 Wild Cores each, with each box opened offering a chance to receive various items. The Soul Fighter event begins on July 21 at 00:01 UTC, allowing players to compete in the legendary Tournament of Souls.

Champion Changes: Lux, Ornn, and Soraka

Several champions have received adjustments in this patch. Lux has been overperforming in the Mid and Baron Lane, so her passive and second abilities have been adjusted. Ornn's abilities have been too much for his foes to handle, leading to nerfs to his stats. Soraka's healing power and survivability have been too strong, leading to adjustments to bring her more in line with her fellow enchanters.

Gameplay Changes: Runes and Items

The rune system has been redesigned to give players more options. Several new runes have been introduced, including Glacial Augment, First Strike, Last Stand, and more. The patch also introduces changes to items, including the addition of Ancient Coin as a new support item and adjustments to Spectral Sickle and Relic Shield.

Conclusion: A Patch Packed with Excitement

Patch 4.3 brings a host of exciting changes to Wild Rift. From the introduction of a new champion and game mode to significant gameplay updates and champion adjustments, this patch is sure to shake up the meta and provide players with new strategies to explore. Enjoy the action, and see you back for Patch 4.3a!