Top 3 Benefits of League Boosting in Preseason

In this article, I will give some reasons and explain how League of Legends boosting from BoostRoyal can help you achieve your goals in the off-season of the game. For players who are not familiar with the exact dates, season 7 of competitive LoL ended on the 7th of November and we will see our game back in its full potential by 16th of January 2018 as season 8 kicks off. Hereinafter I will list some ideas for combining the LoL boost services of Boostroyal with the main perks of playing competitively in the off-season.

1. Learning the new trends Each year playing League of Legends, we tend to see the most significant changes to the game in the preseason period. Not only Riot needs more resources to implement these new significant changes to the game, but players need to adopt them as well. Playing solely or with the use of a boosting service both help the player understand the changes in the game. By getting used to the new system each season the soonest as possible will help any player improve their LoL ranking in season 8.

2. Preseason rank counts Many players think that working on their League ranking in preseason is a waste of effort. The reason why this is widespread misbelief is not only because playing the game with a professional attitude itself has a significant effect on one's gameplay and future achievements, but the preseason rank itself has a powerful impact on the MMR and the starting rank of the beginning of each new season.

3. It is the perfect time to pre-order placements If you are planning to start season 8 on the highest spot in terms of LoL ELO, placement matches boost is a service designed for your needs. Our trained and highly skilled boosters at BoostRoyal are ready to accept incoming pre-orders on placement matches for season 8, guaranteeing each buyer a top League of Legends rank at the start of the new season.