The Worst LCS Season in TSM History

TSM (Team SoloMid) had a poor performance in the 2022 LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) Spring Split, and it’s been the talk of the gaming world for a few weeks now. In a sense, TSM is at the bottom in standings after the heartbreaking defeat of GG (Golden Guardians) in Week Two, Day Two of the playoffs. Off the Rift TSM also had troubles as their founder and owner Reginald has been investigated for abusive workplace behavior.

It sits at the bottom along with its archrivals called CLG (Counter Logic Gaming). This is the worst LCS season in TSM history, and this organization has now gone without a single win for the first two weeks of any season.

In December 2021, TSM said it was sticking with Mingyi Spica Lu and the top-laner Heo Seung-hoon during the 2022 season. They’re the only players from the roster in 2021 to be retained.

TSM announced that Edward Tactical Ra is set to join the team. He was the former attack damage carry player for Team Liquid. The organization also said it was bringing in two Chinese players (Wei Shenyi Zi-Jie and Zhu Keaiduo Xiong) to round out the roster.

Barnburner and Golden Guardians

Team SoloMid faced off with Golden Guardians for the second day of Week Two in the LCS Spring Split for 2022. Both of the teams were at 0-2, and Golden Guardians got two consecutive wins to come out on top.

The match was all cat-and-mouse when the teams struggled to win. After a 42-minute brawl, GG broke the TSM nexus. However, no one predicted that GG might win after the first minute because the team got pushed behind the TSM lines after invading the enemy jungle.

Still, as the match progressed, both teams were close in terms of kills and gold advantage. Overall, GG secured the dragon soul. Anytime TSM went toward a neutral map objective, GG took away part of the base.

As the final blow, TSM tried breaking open the GG base with the Elder Dragon but lost.


The LCS began on February 5, 2022, with TSM head-to-head against EG (Evil Geniuses), which took second place for the Lock-in Tournament.

However, TSM’s roster didn’t participate in that tournament because of travel-related problems and visa issues.

In the opening match for the Spring Split, EG won. TSM had an underwhelming performance, which continued into the second day of the first week when it lost to Dignitas.

Week Two held high hopes for TSM to win against the Golden Guardians and FlyQuest. However, that didn’t happen.

Despite those four losses (back to back), TSM had some promising moments during the tournament. In the match with Golden Guardians, it picked up objectives and closed the gap while performing well in team fights.

The top-laner, Huni, said he expected TSM to struggle during the Split and come back strong in the summer. He said his team had fewer hours to practice and many language barriers but was sure to make it. Playing top without a good jungler can be difficult, DuoQ boosting helps you win your lane with the support of an experienced booster player at your side.


While TSM didn’t fare well and kicked off the worst LCS season in TSM history, it hopes to break its losing streak for Week Three when it goes up against Cloud9 and Immortals.

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