The Wildrift Ranked System

Since the creation of Wild Rift, players from around the world of this online multiplayer strategy game have strived to be the best of the best. From beating their opponents to demonstrating their sheer strategic lane play, those familiar with Wild Rift know the importance of rank and missions. 


There are a total of ten ranks on Wild Rift. The ranks are: 


  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Master 
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger


New players to League of Legends – Wild Rift who manage to rank are going to find themselves in Iron. With every battle won and strategy played, players have an opportunity to climb the ranks and ultimately (and hopefully) become Challenger. 


Challenger is considered the top of the top when it comes to Wild Rift ranks.


More to Ranks on Wild Rift


Players who are slightly more advanced or enjoy a challenge can rank to Wild Rifts promotional series. What makes promotional different from merely ranking is that they get a special immunity and tier up every time a player wins. 


In the League of Legends promotional system, there are three divisions. The divisions are: 


  • Iron – Bronze
  • Silver – Diamond
  • Master – Challenger


How to Rank on Wild Rift


To rank on Wild Rift, players are going to need to earn enough ranked marks to go up. Something players should be aware of is that while you may have enough marks to rank up – it does not necessarily mean you go up to the next level. For example, some ranks have multiple levels before you can go to the next level. 


Ranked points are only given to players who win matches; therefore, you cannot earn rank points if you lose. 


Do I Rank When I Sign Up to Play Wild Rift? 


No. A player does not rank until after their tenth match; therefore, you may place higher than Iron to Bronze if you win all ten games. 


Each win gives players two rank marks. If you lose a match, players don't have to worry about losing points. This does not happen. If you have 300 rank points, you are not going to lose points; however, you may not rank ahead.


Do I Have to Play in Rank Mode? 


With Wild Rift, there is the option to play in rank mode or not. If you choose free play, no victories are going to go towards your rank. Players can switch from rank mode to free play anytime. 


Know Your Playing Style


League of Legends only came to play a year ago; however, some players have shown an interest in upping the ante in their playing by going competitive. In some parts of the world, teams have been formed with the best of the world's best players. 


Why is knowing your playing style important? 


By knowing your playing style, you can determine your competitiveness and your strengths and weaknesses. If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, others can also determine whether or not you would make a good teammate or not.