The Unexpected Twitch Ban of Jankos: 2023 Edition

A Shocking Ban for the LoL Community

Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski, a renowned figure in the League of Legends community and a professional player for Team Heretics, recently faced an unexpected ban on Twitch. The streaming platform, known for its strict adherence to community guidelines, has once again made headlines by banning a world-class player. The esports community has been buzzing with discussions and speculations about the reasons behind this sudden action.

The Incident Leading to the Ban

On a seemingly ordinary day, Jankos was streaming his usual League of Legends gameplay. However, a momentary lapse or perhaps a chat message that irked him led to an outburst. Jankos reportedly responded to a chat message with strong language. The message contained the term "antypolak," to which Jankos retorted with a Polish expletive. Interestingly, this incident had occurred some time ago, but the ban was only recently implemented. Jankos himself shared the ban news on his social media, expressing uncertainty about the exact reason behind it.

Previous Ban History

This isn't the first time Jankos has faced a ban on Twitch. Back in February 2021, he received a 24-hour ban. The exact reasons for that ban remain unclear, but there were speculations about potential violations, such as displaying a graphic YouTube thumbnail or using copyrighted music during his stream. However, these were mere speculations, and Jankos did not provide a clear explanation for the ban at that time.

Jankos: A Brief Overview

For those unfamiliar with Jankos, he is a professional League of Legends player known for his exceptional skills as a Jungler. He began his competitive journey with games like DOTA and Warcraft 3 before transitioning to League of Legends in 2010. Jankos has been with G2 Esports since December 2017 and was even recognized as the best player by ESPN for the 2019 Season World Championship.

Future Prospects and Speculations

Beyond the ban, there are rumors about Jankos considering a move to North America after 2021. Luka "Perkz" Perković, a former teammate, mentioned in a podcast that Jankos expressed interest in transitioning to North America. Given Jankos's long-standing career since 2013, it's possible he might be considering a shift from competitive play to focus more on streaming.


The ban of Jankos from Twitch has certainly stirred discussions and debates within the esports community. While the exact reasons remain a topic of speculation, it's a reminder that even top-tier professionals are not exempt from platform guidelines. As fans await more clarity on the situation, many hope to see Jankos back in action soon, whether in competitive play or on streaming platforms.