The Story of RatIRL

RatIRL is an internet personality based out of Sweden. He’s considered a highly-skilled, talented, and toxic player that the LOL community has come across so far. Whether he’s in the jungle or in botlane, RatIRL is known as the best Twitch in the world. Let’s learn more about his story and how he became so important in LOL.


RatIRL’s Past


RatIRL goes back to about season six when he was just becoming a known personality. Usually, he made plays that felt suspicious. Most of the LOL community, including pro players and high Elo players, claimed he was using third-party tools and scripts to help him with those plays.


In a sense, RatIRL began his career with accounts selling and Elo boosting. He was notorious for having a 90-percent win rate. Anything with over 80 percent in the win rate account on the EU server was his.


Because of the win rates, he became popular. Since he had fantastic skills over other champions, he inspired people to be like him. However, no one really copied the best parts of his personality and gameplay. They focused more on the toxic parts, which is where he gained a massive following.


L9 and RatIRL


L9 is a group derived of toxic streamers who like their toxicity. It was created by Obsess (a former Misfits pro player) and RatIRL. Though it wasn’t intended to be a group, they liked the name and used it. Fans copied them immediately. That’s why most teenagers believe he’s cool when he initiates spam L9s.


His Face


RatIRL never shows his face on camera, even in cam streams. There are no Instagram photos or anything.


His Rising


About a year ago, RatIRL recognized his potential and used the infamous name to become a huge internet personality and streamer. He streamed consistently on Twitch to boost his following immediately after the LOL Recap video.


Since then, RatIRL has had 15,000 consistent viewers on Twitch. This number is huge, regardless of the streamer. Ultimately, RatIRL takes his Twitch streaming seriously and got consistent with YouTube uploads. Literally, his videos see at least 100,000 views on his personal channel.


Why the Playlist Is so Popular


One reason why RatIRL has so many viewers is his playlist. He has a great taste in music, but he’s also funny and has a bantering and slightly toxic personality. It’s an enjoyable show to watch, and it was so easy to keep his loyal fanbase with the name like RatIRL.


Cat Obsession


Though he’s known for toxicity and is the inspiration for various clubs, he also has a love of cats. Some might say it’s an obsession. His dedicated Instagram profile has only photos of these kitties.




Usually, RatIRL does duos with players that offer enchanter supports, including Janna and Lulu to name a few. His most popular duo to date is with Yamato. They worked together from unranked all the way through challenger and had about a 70 percent win rate during their run.




If you haven’t checked out RatIRL yet, now might be the time to do so. You can catch him on Twitch or his YouTube channel to get some hilarity and slight toxicity in your day.

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