The Future of League of Legends: Trends to Watch Out For

Since its first launch, League of Legends has already captured millions of curious and interest minds from various parts of the world. And, there are no signs of it dying too soon. In fact, the creators, Riot Games, outlines future plans to make the game more exciting and fun. What are these? First of all, champions improvements and changes. According to Riot Games, players can expect for some sort of alterations and upgrades when it comes to the champions. There are lots of excellent features they want to pursue, such as sandbox and replays. Other future trends you should watch out for include: • Create new skins and champions • Have restricted time game modes • Make 'Autofill-Only' queue with 10x LP losses/gains • Spin up the skin line Definitely Not Victorous for Silver players • Adding The Rouge Mage and Ryze into their list of champions • Launch new minion timers • Sunset minion timers to indicate the time left until the minion respawns • Provide replays with the feature called "Export as Word Document" • Add a lowlights tab The League of Legends Reddit Subscriber Continue to Grow This is another solid proof that League of Legends will continue to slay online in the next years. As everyone knows, Reddit is a large online discussion board in which millions of people come to discuss politics, movies, games, and topics. LoL has its own Reddit board since 2010. Almost millions of active players are here to share the same topic, ideas, etc. Riot Games might also consider doing some improvement in their Reddit board to make the discussions more interactive and fun. Well, who knows? Doing so will solidify camaraderie and teamwork especially in the game. League of Legends Shaping the Future of eSports League of Legends is the eSports industry's driving force. It symbolizes the epitome of most professional gaming with its over 100 million game enthusiasts across the world as well as tournaments that consistently sell out Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, and other stadiums. It is clear that LoL is the MOBA to beat and probably the inclusive game to beat. Yes, there are still Smite and Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2 which all have something unique to offer to players, but cannot hold to League of Legends. As long as there are still people who want to make LoL a part of their routine, it is here to stay.