The Fastest Way to Reach Level 30 - League of Legends Guide

If you're new to League of Legends or have recently started a new account, you may wonder about the quickest way to hit level 30.

This is a common question, as hitting level 30 is a significant milestone in the game, as it unlocks ranked play, allowing you to compete with other players and climb the ladder.

Typically, reaching level 30 can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on your play frequency and experience.

But fear not; we're here to help you speed up the process and get you into those ranked games faster! Whether from our cheap level 30 accounts or our leveling guides!

This guide will discuss the top 5 fastest routes to reach level 30 in League of Legends, packed with advantages and disadvantages to help you pick the best one. Let's dive in!

Power Leveling Through Co-op vs. AI Games

Co-op vs. AI games provides a relaxed environment for players to learn the basics, try out different champions, and practice their skills.

By consistently winning AI games, you can accumulate experience points steadily. Although not the fastest method, it is a beginner-friendly way of leveling up. Opt for Intermediate AI games to maximize your experience gain and aim for quick wins.


  • Easy and less stressful games
  • Guaranteed experience gains
  • Better for new players to learn the game mechanics


  • Can become monotonous
  • Slower experience gain compared to other methods
  • Limited to a certain number of games per day

Buying a Ranked Ready Account

Buying a ranked-ready account or smurf from a trusted website like ours is the fastest way to reach level 30. Click here to view our accounts.

While some people disagree with this, it is the fastest possible way to start ranked play and is often used by players with a primary account.


  • The fastest way to start playing competitive
  • Usually cheaper than buying an experience boost


  • There is a small cost involved
  • New players don’t get to learn the game
  • Some websites are untrustworthy

Grinding Normal PvP Games

Normal PvP games offer a more engaging experience and can help you level up faster than AI games. The games are more dynamic and unpredictable as you face human opponents, providing a better learning environment.

Although it can be a more challenging experience for new players, it's an excellent way to improve your game skills and knowledge.


  • Faster experience gain compared to AI games
  • More engaging and varied gameplay
  • Provides a better learning experience for new players


  • It can be challenging for new players
  • Games may take longer to finish
  • Potential for negative experiences due to player behavior

Use Experience Boosts

Experience boosts can be purchased in the in-game store and help you level up faster. There are two types of boosts: duration-based (e.g., 1, 3, or 7 days) and win-based (e.g.5, 10 or 20 wins).

Combining both types of boosts can significantly increase your experience gain per game. You can combine experience boosts with the other leveling methods mentioned for even better results.


  • Significantly speeds up the leveling process
  • Can be combined with other methods for optimal results


  • It may require spending real money (RP)
  • Limited duration for boosts

Participate in Featured Game Modes

League of Legends periodically introduces featured game modes that provide a unique twist to the standard gameplay. These modes can offer an entertaining way to level up while enjoying a change of pace.

The experience gain is generally similar to normal games, but as these modes often have faster objectives, the games tend to be quicker, leading to more experience gain over time.



  • Availability depends on the game mode rotation
  • It may not always suit your preferred playstyle

Play with Friends or Join a Group

Playing with friends or joining a group of players can significantly enhance your leveling experience. Not only does this create a more enjoyable environment, but it also increases your chances of winning games due to better coordination and communication.

Remember, winning games grants more experience points, so playing with a coordinated group can help speed up the leveling process.


  • Better coordination and communication
  • Increased chances of winning games
  • More enjoyable experience


  • May not always have friends available to play
  • Some players might prefer a solo experience


Reaching level 30 in League of Legends is an exciting achievement that unlocks the game's competitive aspect. While there's no shortcut to mastering the game, these methods can help accelerate your progress and get you into ranked play more quickly.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider your preferences and skill level when choosing the best approach.

Ultimately, the key to leveling up efficiently is to enjoy the journey and learn from each game. Remember, the more experience and knowledge you gain, the better prepared you'll be for the competitive world of ranked play.