The Domination of LCK Came to an End in League of Legends

The LCK was for a long time the best region in all League of Legends professional gaming. However, that came to an end a few years ago. That’s because the best teams in the LCK significantly decreased their skill level. 


Thanks to that, other regions such as the LEC and the LPL became more important in international esports. Those regions had the opportunity to become better. Yet, that doesn’t mean the LCK is an easy region to play against. Can it go back to its golden years?


This downfall of the LCK happened for several reasons, so it’s difficult to tell if it can oppress the other teams like it did in the past. Players are better each year, so each day that passes is a day that is more difficult for competitors to beat their peers. 


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What Made the LCK so Good?


As we mentioned before, we don’t mean the LCK is a bad region now. However, it's not the only region that wins international tournaments. If we want to understand why that changed, it’s important to know what the LCK had in the past. 


Worlds is the most important LoL tournament worldwide. Everyone noticed the LCK was dominating the other regions when they started winning Worlds championships. That made them the most successful region in this tournament. This region has six champion titles in this competition. 


People also started noticing the LCK because of SKT 1. No one was surprised when this team won Worlds for the first time. However, doing it three times makes it a history-changing team that is always going to be remembered by both veterans and rookies in this game. 


That success came, partly, because of the skill level of the LoL prodigy Faker. He is considered the best LoL player in all history. The reason for that is his mechanical ability to outplay other people. We’ve seen T1 overturn matches it was losing with more than 10k gold of difference. 


Micro and macro gameplay were easy for T1. This team’s players knew what to do at all times. Additionally, they had an amazing coach. However, T1 wasn’t the only team to win Worlds more than one time. Samsung Galaxy Esports split its company into two teams in the same league. 


Those teams were Samsung Galaxy White and Samsung Galaxy Blue. Both teams won Worlds, and they even did it two years in a row. The problem is that T1 changed its coach and decreased its quality. Samsung Galaxy Esports got dismantled.


That represented a huge loss in the region since other teams weren’t as good at the moment. 


Wrapping Up -What’s Next for the LCK?


Samsung Galaxy is not coming back. The golden years when T1, SSB, and SSW won everything are over. However, other teams are now improving their mechanical abilities and improving their quality. T1 is recovering from its downfall and is now going to Worlds. 


Damwon Gaming won Worlds last year. Gen G is an excellent team, as well. Maybe the LCK domination era is finally over, but other teams need to keep an eye on them since they are slowly coming back.