Season 14, Split 2: Ranked Rewards and Changes

As Riot Games concludes Split 1 of Season 14 in League of Legends, they are gearing up to implement several important changes to the Ranked system for the upcoming Split 2. These updates aim to enhance the overall experience by reducing frustrations and ensuring that players' ranks reflect their true skill level more accurately.

Key Changes in Split 2

1. Placement Cap Adjustment: Players will now be able to place as high as Diamond III directly after provisional games, a significant jump from the previous cap of Emerald I. This change is intended to reduce the time it takes for skilled players to reach their appropriate rank.

2. Demotion Protection Removal: To promote a more fluid transition between divisions, Riot is removing the demotion protection between divisions (e.g., from Silver II to Silver III). This means players will move more seamlessly between divisions based on their wins and losses.

3. Adjusted LP in Demotions: When players are demoted from one tier to another (e.g., from Gold to Silver), they will now start at 25, 50, or 75 LP in the lower tier, depending on their MMR at the time of demotion. This system replaces the previous flat 50 LP demotion, aiming to place players more accurately within their true skill bracket.

4. Master Duo Queue: Master Duo Queue will be re-enabled in most regions, allowing players to team up in the Master tier. This change is designed to balance social competitive play with competitive integrity, fostering a less isolating environment in higher ranks.

Addressing Rank Inflation and Match Quality

Throughout 2023, Riot noticed issues with negative LP gains and rank inflation, particularly in the higher tiers. To address this, they implemented several fixes in the first split of 2024:

  • Corrected placements for Iron IV players misallocated to Iron II.
  • Adjusted LP gains and losses to better control rank inflation.
  • Enhanced demotion protocols to ensure players are positioned correctly according to their skill level.

These adjustments have laid the groundwork for the changes coming in Split 2, aiming to streamline the progression and demotion processes within the Ranked ladder.

Improving the Competitive Experience

Riot continues to prioritize the integrity of the Ranked system. They are actively working on technologies to detect and penalize improper behaviors such as smurfing or account selling. These efforts are part of a broader initiative to maintain a fair and competitive environment where player skill determines rank.

Adjustments and Additions to Ranked Rewards

1. Changes to Reward Tracks: For the 2024 season, we've fine-tuned the Ranked reward track slightly. While the essence remains similar, players will notice subtle changes, such as the replacement of the ranked emote with a new end-of-year reward, and the substitution of a Hextech Chest with a Hextech Key Fragment. These adjustments ensure that while we streamline rewards across three splits, the value and excitement remain constant.

2. Modification of Split Requirements: Recognizing the challenge of achieving higher ranks, we've lowered the Split Point requirement for earning Victorious Skins from 1600 to 1000 for players below Gold. This change aims to make these prestigious rewards more accessible to a broader segment of the player base.

3. The End of Year Experience: A significant new addition for 2024 is the "End of Year Experience." Players participating in at least one Ranked split will receive a Ranked emote showcasing their highest rank achieved throughout the year. Moreover, for those who complete all three splits and obtain the Victorious skin for each, a special splash art border will be awarded, denoting the highest rank achieved during the year across all skins.

Revealing the Victorious Skins Early

Breaking from tradition, we are excited to reveal the Victorious Skins for the first two splits early:

  • Split 1 Victorious Skin: Players who meet the Split Point requirements will earn Victorious Kog’Maw.
  • Split 2 Victorious Skin: Continue your efforts in Split 2 to claim Victorious Sona.

These announcements are part of the initiative to keep the community engaged and informed about what they can strive for right from the outset of the season.

Comprehensive Overview of Reward Changes

To give you a clear comparison of how rewards have evolved from 2023 to 2024, here’s a concise chart:

Reward Type 2023 (2 splits) 2024 (3 splits)
Victorious Emote 1 per split (2 total) 1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Icon 1 per split (2 total) 1 per split (3 total)
Champion 1 per split (2 total) 1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Skin 1 per split (2 total) 1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Skin Chromas Up to 9 per split Up to 9 per split (27 total potential)
End of Season Ranked Icon 1 per split 1 for the year showing the highest rank
Victorious Skin Splash Border None Included for players completing all splits

The goal with these changes is not just to reward participation but also to celebrate progression and achievement in a more significant way. We believe these updates will make playing through all three splits not only more rewarding but also more exciting.

As always, we are committed to listening to the community and may adjust Riots approach based on player feedback. We look forward to seeing how these changes enhance the players Ranked journey in 2024. Good luck, and have fun climbing the ladder this season!