Rekkles is Moving to G2

Carl Martin Erik Larsson was born on the 20th of September 1996. He is a Swedish professional League of Legends player and is more well-known by the name Rekkles. He has played for a few e-sports teams such as Fnatic, Alliance, and Elements. Recently Rekkles decided that it was time for a new challenge and decided to change teams once again. The group he has chosen to represent this time is known as G2.


The bot laner joins G2 after spending five years with Fnatic. Fnatic and G2 have been the biggest rivals over the years, but now Rekkles has joined forces with G2 in an attempt to win the Summoner's World Cup in 2021. G2 has been on the come up since 2018, and the addition of the Swedish superstar to their team is an addition that surely strengthens them further.


Rekkles was brought in to fill the void left by the leaving Luka “Perkz” Perkovic. Perkz recently left G2 to join Cloud9. G2 enjoyed many successes before the departure of Perkz, such as winning the 2019 Mid-Seasonal Invitational, reaching the 2019 World Championship final, and winning three LEC trophies. Rekkles is considered the only one who can step into these shoes and help G2 maintain their dominance over the LEC.


The way G2 approaches the game of League of Legends is very different from Rekkles’ old team Fnatic. While Fnatic adopts a more serious approach to the game, G2 has a much more relaxed and laid-back attitude. They can often be found laughing at themselves for mistakes or losses, whereas Fnatic takes a more solemn approach.


G2 also work much better under pressure than Fnatic, often thriving in the chaos and turning things around. With these things considered, Rekkles needs to return to his aggressive mindset and style of play. The players on the G2 team are always in search of blood and push members of the opposite team to make mistakes.


Being one of the best bot laners around, Rekkles’ play style is one that relies on him dealing as much damage as possible. The G2 team is centered around this idea. This allows for more freedom for Rekkles, and he surely relishes the opportunity to play in a team centered around his strengths. However, he is one of the best players to play League of Legends, and there is no doubt that his addition brings a definite boost to G2.